Dual Axis Turn Table Sync Issues

Good Evening,

I recently installed the latest SW for Revo Scan and did a firmware update prior to trying to sync my POP2 with a new dual axis turn table.

Unfortunately i can’t seem to get the tablw to sync after it goes thru its homing process. Green light continues to blink

Scanner does, and i get the solid green light.

I have checked the settings and while the option for dual axis is there it is grey’d out. Additionally when i go to scan i dont see the turn table.

Hopefully someone has had this issue and can point me in right direction…


I don’t see a turntable icon next to stabilizer icon in your software , meaning POP2 is not ready to be used with DATT , not yours and not anybody’s else. There was not yet proper firmware released .

in main time try this


or this more simple version

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Thanks, i will try tomorrow the APK and seen if that works.

I put a bug fix in as well.

I also verified it is a USB type C.

Lastly I unistalled and downloaded the latest SW from Revopoint.

I wasnt sure but i also checked to see if the DATT was paired via BT to laptop. It pairs but the green light after 2 min goes back to flashing.

What i find strange another user whonhas a POP2 and DATT got it to sync and work properly. The latest version of the SW is suppose to support tje DATT… BUT as u noted the table doesn’t show up.

Any further thoughts?

Btw downloaded the APK and did a quick test. It worked. Need to read the user guide as a few things were not clear.

Definitely an interim option. Thanks for pointing it out to try…

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It can pair without issues to a phone or computer but it will not be active in SW if the proper firmware is not installed , and since I have the last firmware it is impossible to use it with POP2 . The person you talking about can’t use it with POP2 via the SW on computer .

Use the Android app for now .
As there is nothing you can do at this moment to make it work via the software on your computer .

The firmware need to be at least 2.8 or above

It works much better via the APK than via the SW , trust me .