I still struggle to produce scans with my Miraco that I’d consider as good but it’s slowly getting better. Here the latest and best so far: my sneakers (scaled to 33% = 9.6cm).
Scanned with Miraco, post-processed only with RevoScan, hastily supported in ChituBox, quickly printed on my Phrozen Mini8K with Aqua8K-resin, primed black and dry-brushed with grey & white.

Things that came out better than I thought:

  • the suede texture
  • the embossed logo on the back
  • the net-like fabric

Things that came out worse than I thought:

  • the fuzzy shoelaces, something that I wasn’t able to scan flawlessly so far on all shoes I tried
  • the top side of the tongue
  • not visible on the prints: very small bridge-like structures in several areas
  • not visible on the prints: areas that are “sunken in” / displaced inwards

It is looking very good @oliva
Do you have a mesh screenshot to share as well ?

The print looks very nice !
To capture the details you missed , you will need MINI scanner with higher accuracy . MIRACO can reach maximum 40 microns when it get about details 0.04mm

Thank you @PUTV ! It’s not the lack of detail - I’m totally happy with that. Actually it’s amazing! It’s the… how should I call it… misinterpretation of some geometry?! Shoelaces are such objects that I can’t get scanned properly (pic1). And those “bridge-like” structures make a retopo hard to do (pic2). The scanned shoe (pic3).

Ok @oliva what you got are overlapped points on the shoe laces, I assume you cleaned the lose points and overlapped points before meshing and lose points after meshing .

Did you tried to fuse the shoe at 0.2 mm in Advanced mode to get rid of the issues ? If not try … it may help clean it out better .

From far away the scan looks great so there is still big change to clean it out for better result .

You still did a very good job scanning it …

When I saw your thumbnail print for the first time , I thought that where photos wondering where the scan :laughing:

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I will do as you say and play around some more with the fusing/meshing threshold. I’d wish it was possible to duplicate scans in RevoScan to process them differently and compare them (hm, maybe by copying & renaming the file in explorer?!).
Being a 3D-modeler for decades makes it hard to accept such flaws in the geometry - maybe I have to adapt a little…

I guess practice will make it perfect , I would not accept such flaws , because it is fixable and will look better .
Of course a 3D scanner is not a comparable to accuracy we can model manually to 1:1 , but a great reference to build a model on top based on the shape .

There us great stuff you can make from it with much greater results .

Sadly you can’t duplicate projects at this moment from Revo Scan , but you can manually duplicate it in the folder then load the copy to Revo Scan and save .

When you rename anything , only rename the main name of the project folder and nothing inside the project folder .

i started a improve request for u: Duplicate Scan Function - Support & Feedback / Suggestions - Revopoint 3D

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Looks really good!

Those blobby parts look like overlapping areas that didn’t fuse back together properly, which in my scans is usually from resuming a scan where it doesn’t quite recover tracking, loss of tracking it doesn’t notice, or a slight shift of the model.

You might be able to find the offending frames in the Key Frame Edit mode. But I would definitely make a backup of the project before you attempt it since everything you do there is destructive. In the case of the Miraco, transferring it to PC for processing leaves you with a temporary backup on the Miraco itself if things go bad.