Hi guys, i’m Giuseppe. I’m a shoes designer & developer. I’ve bought POP 2 one month ago with the main aim of scanning shoe’s last. I’ve already done a few test but the scanner keeping lose the original track. The main problems comes out when i have to put on its side the last and scanner the “sole”, everytime the scan lose the track. Sometimes i get many problems while im scanning the toe. Can u give me an advice or link me up to a video? I’m worried, i ordered the POP 2 with the aim of using it for improve my working flow but for now i’m not very satysfied. There’s a photo below of a shoes last to better understand the complex shape

You need to scan this in at least 2 scans, maybe 3 and do a merge.

Also you need to use either crumpled paper to add scan features to the shapes or use markers in marker mode on a turntable for example, one foot at a time

I’ve tried with crambled paper and even with the marker i have the same problem. Once the shoes its flipping from side to side, on the turtable, the scan loose the track. I even tryed with the handly scan but with the same results
I know I have to do at least one scan on each side and then scan the sole but despite this I often lose track. out of 8 different lasts that I tried to scan I succeeded with 2 and took a long time.
I’ve applied about 35 marker on the last and sometimes revoscan suggest me to apply more tracker and for me it’s exaggerated.
Hope to resolve it soon because i’m getting worried :frowning:
I’m opened to every suggestion.
The shapes tend to occupy a space of approximately 30 cm on its lenght and 10 on its wide.
Thx guys

You are trying to do the scan all at once. Don’t

  • Scan one side. Save
  • Flip the model
  • Start a new scan, Scan the other side
  • Cleanup each pointcloud
  • Merge 2 or more pointclouds

Like i do in this video, this is a 2 part scan made with markers over my diy marker turntable as posted on one of the last links