Scanning Things!【MIRACO Scan Contest】

Well, maybe not things, but a Thing! I printed and painted this for my Wednesday-mad daughter a while back. Original STL available here.

The scan came out pretty well - this is unedited, as it comes from the system. Slight tweak to the colourmap to tone down the magenta in the mix, but no poly editing/smoothing/sculpting.

A few areas of rough data (like on the thumb) that could use a light smooth. The map was reasonably clear - could also use a breath or two of editing/painting to blend some transitions (see the fourth image), but the HDR render looks pretty good.

I think to get rid of the texture banding you’d have to either do more scans with much more overlap, or use the internal illuminator for Far mode scans that will create less shadowing. Near mode in the Excellent range just puts you too close really.

Obviously some controlled studio lighting (or maybe even a ring light) would more than likely give you the best results, but you lose that portability the Miraco does so well.

Near Mode
Single Shot Mode
Internal Light
Max Fusion and Mesh
Colour per Vertex map (works way better for Single Shot mode)
Rendered in Keyshot

You can see the texture banding on the wrist and side of the finger here. It’s the only place it really showed up though. More scans would probably have helped, even if it slightly degraded the resolution.


The MIRACO scanner was delivered on time and I got a chance to try out the first scanning with my small fisherman model. After completing the fusion, meshing and texturing process, and cleaning the turntable marker and plane, the meshed model looked favoritable. I rendered it with my own made software for turntable display without any modification in shape or color. This demonstatrated how good it could be for the first scanning trial with the MIRACO. Below are my setting

Near mode…
Continous scanning mode
Room lighting from daylight through windows
Fusion and Mesh at 0.2mm grid size
Auto exposure
High Accuracy
Walked around the object.

Below are the photo and video clip link.


Have a Happy New Year 2024 to everyone.

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