SneakerScan and overlap issue

Here’s my most recent scan and print of (another) sneaker. I’m most happy with the detail and the scanning process (single-shot-mode, one scan).

Unfortunately there’s an area of misalignment that I only noticed after two prints failing on the same spot:

After closer examination I found two additional layers of scanned geometry beneath the actual surface:

(screenshot from inside the shoe facing it’s tip)

These surfaces weren’t detected neither by the Overlap-search (maybe because the gap between the surfaces is too large?!) nor the Isolation-search (maybe they are somewhere connected to the main geometry?!).

Cleaning these turns out to be a nightmare because I have to select the points from inside the shoe - but by doing so I always select areas from behind my position on the opposite side of the shoe! There seems to be a major flaw in RevoScan when it comes to compute the user-camera’s position or recognizing what’s in front of the camera and what’s behind it.
So maybe someone can suggest another point cloud-editing software that is capable of doing such clean up actions properly.

Hi @oliva

That are scanning mistakes and if the frames are too close or too far they are impossible to be detected .

In this case you have to use frame editing before you fuse the scan , find the specific frame and remove it .

You have also Cloud Compare software for editing point clouds that have a wonderful tools and is also free .