Duplicate Scan Function

Could we have a duplicate option? This way one could duplicate scans and mesh them with other settings, then one could draw better conclusions about which options are the best, as shown in this thread: Sneakers: ASICS GEL LYTE V - #5 by oliva


This would be great! Especially with destructive keyframe editing.

Duplicating a scan into a new project would be nice as well, for those times where I fail to create a new project and happily double my 5GB project file from yesterday.


Duplicating scan would be great feature to have. Quite often making backup before keyframe editing or making another branch for editing.

Many times when scanner had lose tracking without noticing and done separate part in weird angle etc. Removing half of frames from one edit and other half from second and realign/merge them. Managed to safe few older scans from time before keyframe edit feature was introduced.

Now it just involves making copy of project, export and importing data to original scan project. Just annoying to lose ability to edit frames within single project.


Hi @SphaeroX

Thank you very much for suggesting. We will get back to our dev team about adding the “Duplicate” option.

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Yes, I am doing so by copying the entire project folder in file explorer. Such feature will eliminate such need.