Scanning on Windows


I have been trying to use POP on my Windows PC for quite some time now.

On Windows (10) it works fine on the hardware side, but when scanning, the software regularly freezes up and frames are skipped. I have aPC with I7 CPU, NVME drives and plenty of RAM.
The only thing it doesn’t have, is USB3 or USB-C ports.
Can that be the issue?

Or is it a (known) software issue?

Hope someone can clarify.



My Dell laptop has both USB 3.0 and C ports, which work fine with my POP, in addition to WiFi (there’s an additional setup button for Hotspot).

The only thing the WiFi and USB circuitry have in common is the whole rest of the laptop (CPU, RAM, etc.), so limiting USB to 2.0 will not affect the laptop’s operation in Hotspot mode.

The frame skipping is, most likely, due to the POP itself and is related to the object being scanned. Try it in Face mode with a willing model (arguably, the POP’s best performance) to see if the problems still occur, then let us know.

Hi @MJanssen

Usually you need to use a USB3.0 port because it can provide enough power for POP working.

Could you please test it with your phone? (Remember to connect it to a power bank/supply which is over 5V1A)

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The POP is continuously connected and disconnected. This shows in the HandyScan software and also is shown in the Windows Device Manager, continuously refreshes and the 2 camera’s disappear and appear again.

Strangely enough, the refreshing and disappearing/appearing of the cameras in the Windows Device Manager stops when I close the HandyScan software. When I use the builtin camera in Windows, there is also refreshing and disappearing/appearing of the cameras in the Windows Device Manager.

Maybe this was the issue to begin with and it also explains the issue I have with this POP and my iPhone

That sounds like a Windows configuration error. While it doesn’t seem very likely (due to the cyclical nature of the problem), the only suggestion I would have is to review the Permissions in Windows (that’s what it’s called on my Win7 machine, it may have a different name in Win10).

You can also review the guide here:

Doesn’t seem very likely, as my Logitech webcam works just fine. I use this on a daily basis.

But I’ll check the the article and also try the POP on my Windows laptop and Macbook.

I haven’t tried it on my Mac, I don’t like renaming my Macbook (as I don’t like renaming my iPhone or iPad) to use it as a hotspot, as USB is not supported on Mac. But I connected both my Macbook and the POP to a wifi network called POP, but wasn’t able to connect.

Connected it with USB-C my Windows laptop, but I had the same issue there as on my Windows PC. Continuously connecting/disconnecting, so I wasn’t able to complete a scan.

Hi @MJanssen

  1. Please make sure that the USB port is USB3. 0;
  2. Do you confirm that the camera permission is on? Check this post: [Tips] Remember to check the camera permission of your PC

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You mention trying on PC. The PC app has the ability to change the WiFi Name and passcode (through the About dialog).

May be useful to you if for on your Mac platforms.