Pop 3, few Iphone issues (LED, Connecting, Multiple Scans)

Hello, I just got a Pop 3 and managed to do a great scan with it connected to the PC but have a few issues / questions in regard to using the Iphone App.

  1. My phone finds the pop3 wifi straight away and connects but then it takes awhile to show connected in the Iphone RevoScan app, But it does connect after a little while. is that normal?

  2. Once it does connect and I choose “new project” sometimes it opens straight away, sometimes it shows the loading symbol for a long time and sometimes it give the error of “camera exception Failed to get camera’s information, please restart the scanner” its quite annoying.

  3. I cant turn the flashing white lights off while using the phone? I can when using PC and the option is there on the iphone app to turn off the white LED’s but it doesnt turn them off.

  4. Is there a way to add multiple scans to a project on the iphone app? I can only seem to do one but on the PC I can do multiple scans and merge them which is very helpful.

Did you ever get a solution to your flash issue? Mine has the same issue. Works on my desktop but on my iPhone I can’t get the flash to work.