Scanner Disconnected

Scanner will not connect. LED light stays blue. Tried on multiple computers same result. Wireless doesn’t work either. Mini is less than a year old

Hello @jokermachine

Please try this one

If you can’t reset it back to green , let me know I will switch you to customer support .

Blue light showing up if the scanner is stuck on reboot , like firmware update or calibration update …
Let me know if that was the case to determine the case .

I tried that and the light turns red. Than I tried to keep the current firmware and light turns blue, but the scanner is still disconnected.

Ok then there is issue with rebooting of the firmware , please write to including the link to this thread and your forum ID name .
They will tell you what to do next , please tell them that you already tried to reset the scanner but did not worked .
Also include your scanner serial and firmware number .
They will make appointment with you to resolve this issue .

That’s all I can do for you from here … you need now technical assistance and probably custom firmware update .

Hi Catharina, thank you so much for your enthusiastic reply and positive problem solving !:heart: :heart:

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We are very sorry to hear about the problems you are experiencing.
Please write to our customer service team, they will actively help you to solve the problem.

You welcome Jane , I do my best I can … :blush: