Mini has stopped working since update, firmware will not update

I updated my revoscan software this morning to the most recent version and I am not enountering an issue where my scanner will not initialize past the blue led.
I have attempted all troubleshooting items found on this forum and continue to receive and error as shown in the attached image. I did not have an issue connecting to the api site and there are no errors being thrown when I view the network activity in my dev console. I know my fiber is working just fine since I have been on and off discord/slack throughout the day. Is there a way of knowing if the hosting site that firmware updates run through is offline? I have read in other posts people running into issues with timing and trying to fix this same issue.

The scanner shows up in my hardware devices with the serial number attached, but both revoscan ver.4 and ver.5 do not recognize the scanner any more. I attempted to reach customer service but I do not believe they are open on the weekends. I appreciate any advice on troubleshooting the issue.

edit: ran a query on the api and it appears to be live and accepting requests at the moment.

Hi @Jlev85 it is not about your internet connection speed or connectivity , it is about a firewall that your internet provider set up , that don’t allow you to connect with Chinese server for the realtime updates . It is blocking the server to access your computer .

It is not possible to update firmware offline at this moment . If you don’t succeed with the restore that I gived a link to you, I will setup your thread as a customer support ticket, and they will follow up with you . You will need a VPN to trick the provider .

To reset the blue light please follow the exactly steps .

The hardware is fine connecting to your computer via USB , but the firmware is not loaded so the software do not recognize your scanner for that reason can’t connect . The blue light means it is in update mode. But that can be reset .