Red light in back of my scanner

I am actually having the same issue as the person above. The scanner shows in my hardware devices as the Revo_Product but the scanner light on the back stays red. No matter what USB port i connect too and never connects.

Hi @Titon I moved your post to a customer service section for assistance as that is something you may not fix on you own

However you can try this tutorial to reset your device , if not working please post back and let us know , tomorrow evening @Revopoint-Agnes or @Revopoint3D-Gena will check on your issue , you can also write direct to with your issue .

Please follow this tutorial : [Tutorial] MINI | POP2 | RANGE - Firmware Update Error - Tip | Fix - #6

Thank you for moving the question. I was one of the first to purchase the mini. I will be out of town for 10 days due to a medical issue. I will report back after updating the firmware and trying again to connect using the new software.

Please email us to tag this forum link, we will check and reply asap

I have emailed the as instructed 2 months ago and no one has responded.

Not sure what to do at this point. Any guidance on how to get a working scanner?

@Revopoint-Agnes @Revopoint-Mia @Revopoint-Cassie

Hi @BotScanner , the office is closed already for the weekend, but on Sunday evening you should get some answers ,

why you waiting 2 months and did not came early after you sent the email .?

I was thinking you issue got solved already

I attempted to respond to your email but the email that you used cannot be responded to.
The “” cannot accept email responses(just got an automated reply from Revpoint saying as such.
Here is what I just tried to send you since you had asked (I appreciate it too. Thank you)

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But I would like to get this scanner addressed at some point as it’s just a cool looking paperweight now. I sent the email asking for assistance back on the 1st. It’s usually 24 to 48 hours but I never heard from anyone. There is a recall on the very early models and I bought one of the first ones released(bought it in December last year and got it in January). I updated the firmware thinking it would help with the poor scanning but now it doesn’t connect to anything. Like I said, the PC is acknowledging it is hooked up but the Scanner software doesn’t see anything connected and the light on the scanner that used to turn green now stays red.

I would really like to get it to work just for the amount invested in the setup. I’ve watched people make no prep, poor lighting, etc and get perfect scans. Mine has always stretched the image, had weird anomalies show up, etc. It has just never functioned like I’ve seen other people be able to do.

Thank you

Hello George I sent you PM , please check it out .

Hi George,
Please don’t worry, we will help you solve the problem asap.
Note: Revopoint provides online one-to-one video assistance, welcome to book a meeting with us!
Looking forward to your reply.