Scanner constantly disconnecting

I have no wifi at my pc sorry.

Ok, no problem.

Could you please provide us the spec of the two computers you tested? We try to find a similar one and test it. (Below is the screenshot for your reference)

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My pc

2nd pc


Thank you for your quick reply.

We will need some time to test and see what happened, hope you can understand.

Best Regards

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Most likely you lack enough power on your USB ports on the computer. Try using a 2-3 AMP externally powered USB hub. That solved my issue.

This sounds to me as though you did not set up a Hotspot. I read that your computer does not have WiFi (neither does mine), but your phone can be set up as a Hotspot.

To do this, you have to
1: Set your POP in WiFi (Hotspot, actually) mode; and
2: You have created a Hotspot to make the connection.

While it is possible that your phone can power the POP directly, most cannot, so I am going to provide the most-likely-to-succeed instructions.
a) With the appropriate Y-connector, link the POP to a power bank (or wall wart) that is capable of at least 1 amp (it should have a label; 2 amps is preferred) and to your smartphone’s USB connector.
b) Bring up HandyScan and go into Setup to configure the POP to use Hotspot mode (it’ll say “WiFi”, just trust me on this that it’s the proper mode).
c) Disconnect the smartphone from the POP.
d) Make sure that Data Saver (or whatever it is called on your phone) is turned off before you can turn Hotspot on (how to do that varies with each phone, even from the same manufacturer, so you’re just going to have to search for everything). When that is done, change the name and password to “POP” and “12345678” so that the POP knows where to look.
e) Start the Handy Scan app.
f) If the app doesn’t display the POP’s view in its windows, then try cycling power to the POP (say, 5 seconds off before re-connecting).
g) Let the POP do its Power On Cycle to see if the Handy Scan app now displays something.

From here, you should be good to start experimenting.

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Could you please try as below? (Hope you can record a video)

  1. Plug the POP in the USB3.0 port on your PC, but DON’T open Handy Scan; (It means that you use your PC as a power supply)
  2. Connect the POP to your phone via Wi-Fi mode and see what happened.

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Hi @samuil4

Yes, our developer also thinking of this reason. Seems some computer claimed USB 3.0 port, but not reach the USB 3.0 standard (not provide enough power).

@MOST2K2 Could you please try as @samuil4 suggested?

Thank you, Jeff. I forgot this method.

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Wifi Mode is working when connected to pc. but i wanted it connect to my pc directly. I dont like the app. I wanted the best scanning results.

Tried over wifi from other laptop hotspot method, it connects but HandyScan wont recognize it after some minutes. I will try the bridge router setup later.

I have no such usb hub with external power. I could order one, but you have to pay it if that works ;=)

this must be a good one?

Hello :wave:,

I have have a similar issue with my POP. I get the green light and video on Handy Scan and I can see the red light of the scanner working but the POP can’t see my parts. I’ve had this issue since day 1 but I figured an update would fix it. I was starting to think I was doing something wrong lol.

Its not working with usb hub and external power supply. Same problem.

Hi @pb845

Please send us a video to see the problem, thank you. You can send it to Thank you.


Because the POP can work when connecting it via wifi to PC or the phone, we think POP hardware is good. We need some time to discuss this issue and see if we can solve the software problem.

During this process, could you please use the phone or use it on your PC with wifi mode? Thank you.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Best Regards

video send, i think the hardware is not ok when its not working with external power.
i tested power supply and usb hub with external power, same problem with disconnection after 15 seconds.

New device has no disconnects.

Which new device? More information is needed.