Cannot connect to Computer (Win 10)

I cannot connect my Revopoint POP to my Computer Win(10).

thanks a lot.


Hey Jessica,

did you connect your POP using the provided USB cable? There should be two different cable, one with USB-A the other with USB-C connectors. Depending on your computer, you should choose the suitable one.

After connecting your POP, the tiny LED on its back should become active (either green or blue; I’m not entirely sure about the LED colors yet) and your Windows 10 should recognize “some” USB device and show a notification.

Did this happen for you, or are there any issues with this already?


Disclaimer: I’m a POP kickstarter backer myself and only get started with this.

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Hello @JessicaCS , can you check this post first please.

And also, are you sure than your USB port are a 3.0? ( Blue color inside)


Just a little thing in case, unfortunately on some newer PCs the USB 3 isn’t blue anymore but back to black (have seen several Dell and Lenovo Notebooks and I’ve read that it’s not anymore a reliable identifier), sad, that was useful :thinking:


Why i cannot scann?


I am curious. It appears that you can scan, but you are not happy with the scans you are getting.

It has been a while since you posted, so please update us on your progress.