POP2 Revoscan Large Object Problem

Got the POP 2 l, installed Revoscan on the computer and my cellphone.

Computer test run with provided model on turntable was a phenomenal success, absolutely blown away by the quality.

Today Im trying to scan a larger object using my cellphone, Samsung S21 Ultra. On smaller scans so far its working well, again the quality is outstanding. But after about 2000 frames, it wont continue. I am forced to either delete the project or fuse it.

When looking through the forum I found an out of memory error topic which suggests you can pause the scan, fuse it, then reopen it and scan again.

That appears to be the case for HandyScan.

But what of Revoscan? Is this not an option? I understand this is in beta. But limitations on the size of scan is a huge disappointment.

Is it possible to still use HandyScan with the POP 2 to make larger scans possible?

When I go to open a project that Ive already partially scanned, the scan page does not populate with the scan I already made and fused. It shows me a blank project screen.

It also often will freeze on me when attempting to make scans, but exiting the program and coming back to it does appear to alleviate that, albeit very annoying to have to do so.

I understand Revoscan is in BETA, I hope I’ve provided enough information. Looking forward to this project!

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