Ipad pro 2021 out of memory

While scanning a person with the ipad pro 2021 I get the message after 1422 frames that the app is out of memory. I cant ask a person to stand still while we are waiting for the app to fuse the scan.

How can I change this?

Apple has limited the amount of memory that the iPad Pro apps can access to 5 GB. That’s really not enough for your application.


The ram limit of 5GB is increased.

The new limits depend on the operating system, the CPU and the total amount of RAM installed.

Do you have iPadOS 15 installed? If not, then you don’t get the expanded app access.

Do you have the M1 CPU (and iPadOS 15)? If so, then you have 8 GB of RAM and are limited to 6 GB of app access (better than 5 GB, but not ‘good’).


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If you only was allowed to scan 1422 frames you have only 5GB to disposition .
As that is how much 5GB will allows you to scan .
I use around 4000 frames to complete whole human scan in 4 minutes and sadly you can’t do that with this amount of RAM . You will need at least 16 GB on your system to be available.

I am also not able to scan full body with my tablet and get as much frames as yours . It is hard to keep a person stay still for so long .

I asked already the development team to allow us to save projects without the need for fusion on mobile devices , so we can do it faster and process bigger scans on computer after . It will allows us to scan full body and fuse it later without the waiting .

For now that is all you can do .

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I’m an android user and I haven’t scanned much on android since POP1 and a different phone, so not sure if this is helpful or not.

Deleting all the previous scans (and attempts) in the “my projects” portion of the app, allowed my android to collect more frames. It seemed like the app would only use a predetermined amount of storage, so deleting old files gave the app more space.

Again, this waa several versions back, on a android Note 10. So YMMV.

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I have 256GB internal storage , it really no matter , the frame count is based of the amount of RAM you have to disposition at the moment , deleting my projects or not do never changed the amount of frames I can capture, it is pretty steady number all the time no matter how many projects I have in my directory.

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I saw in the play store that revopoint updated the ram limitation? Did that help with the limition of frames?

Yes @jonahockey it increased a lot of frames from early versions , I don’t have the numbers exactly under my hand at this moment but I am sure I posted it already somewhere.

Thanks! I was searching but couldn’t find any number :stuck_out_tongue:

The old software version was 1400+ for no color frames and I think 700-800 color , but the new has around 300-500 more I will check later and let know