Revo Scan iOS V5.3.0: Share Your Feedback & Suggestions

Dear All,

We are excited to announce the release of Revo Scan iOS V5.3.0! This update includes various interface improvements and optimizations.

It can be downloaded from the App Store now.

We value user feedback and would love to hear from you. Please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions regarding this version.

Please reply to this message with the following details:

Revo Scan Version: XXXX (e.g., RevoScan_V5.3.0_xxxxxxxxx)
iOS Version: XXXX (e.g., iPhone Xs Max 16.1.1, 64GB)
Scanner: XXX (e.g., INSPIRE)
Your Feedback and Suggestions: XXXX (e.g., I hope you can add the Auto exposure to the depth camera.)

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Wow, this version is so much worse to export projects to a PC by saving to files. Only the option to send directly to Revoscan over the network exists in the “…” menu in the project list, so now you have to actually open the project to find the “Share to” option to export the project. Not to mention the model list is now a click from the home screen.

This wouldn’t be a problem if there was a way to export multiple projects, but multiple selection is still only for deletion. Oh, and it looks like even that multiple selection is broken: you can’t select multiple projects, only multiple models within a project (and still just delete).

Honestly, I don’t see why direct access to the project files in Finder can’t be enabled so I can just copy and paste them. Revoscan doesn’t even show up in the list of apps in the file tab.

There seems to be a trend toward “prettier” UI design that also adds extra button presses and design inconsistencies to previous functionality that I’m not sure I care for. I do a lot of on-site scanning where my access is limited so I rely on large quantities of scans to make sure I have what I need. Managing this is a chore. I suppose multiple model support within projects is nice going forward, but it has come at the expense of dealing with multiple projects.

Apologies if I sound frustrated. I’m frustrated.

Why you think so ? Having multiple scans under one project eliminate the needs of multiple projects . You have one session with all the scans you need to import to your PC at once .
And my projects can get really big and take time to download to PC
That is what users requested …

BTW I love the way how they managed to created import library for Miraco , where you can select all projects at once … it take some time to download but it is limited to USB only … sadly it can’t be supported via WiFi .

I don’t use the iOS version , but on Android app you have direct share icon from the home tab under each project and not need to open any projects to do so … As that would make no sense .

No filesystem access for the app on IOS. Revoscan doesn’t exist in the Files app on device or in the Finder window when connected to a Mac.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike the multiple model per project, but as of this version you can only transfer them as a whole via the code/QR direct connection with desktop Revoscan. To save it to the IOS filesystem or other sharing (Box app, etc), you can still only select one model at a time (one model, not one project, even within a project with multiple models).

It’s frustrating because it takes longer to navigate to each individual model to export than the previous list of models (which wasn’t particularly friendly to begin with). It’s kind of like removing the “File/Open” button from the home screen of desktop Revoscan. Yeah, I can hit “New Project” and then File/Open, but why was that a useful change?

You should have 3 options …
One if for Project the other for just models as we have on Android

If that is not the case then it is indeed frustration … I have on Android 3 options , via the code direct to Revo Scan , or sharing Project or individual models via Internet zipped.

I don’t like that change either to be honest , I preferred the Import from Phone on the Homepage on Revo scan without the need to open new project each time … especially if you want just import your projects from the day .

I got frustrated as well so for very big projects on the way I just use my win tablet now and scan direct to flash drive eliminating the frustrations to minimum …after that I just plug the flash into my PC and have direct access to what I need without hustle.

Please check the sharing option again to be 10O% sure …
You should have export project option available. Zipped not using QR code … I am guessing here but it should be there .

The only place the full “Share To” menu appears is with the share icon that appears in the upper right of a model view. Any place you see “Share” in a “…” menu it goes directly to the PC code screen. The “…” menu of the individual models within a project doesn’t offer share at all, which would at least approximate the old behavior of sharing without having to actually open a model.

I know it seems silly, but adding another screen and a few extra clicks to export a scan starts to get rather significant when I have 20-30 of them to export one at a time.

The models have to be generated , the project include only raw data and not generated models in other format beside internal raw ply files , for that reason there is not individual share option . Plus you need first to process each scan individually on your mobile device before export.

I guess a good request for the dev team to add this feature if possible to iOS

Anyway do you have any usage of individual models exported from your mobile device ? The accuracy is too low for me for anything . Processing on mobile devices produces very low quality to be usable for most anything other than preview …waste of time processing and exporting individually

Sorry, bad terminology. I only export the entire scan data. I was trying to differentiate between project and the individual scans and for some reason settled on projects and models. :slight_smile:

In this case it can’t be separated from the main project section if you have multiple scans inside one project .

I suggest you generate new project each time if you want to separate them individually so you have it the way it was before , I often do that .

Now if there was an option for multiple export of a single scan projects it would resolve your needs .
However via WiFi it would take too long in my opinion and waste of a lot of time .

The single project with multiple scans open an opportunity for others to create also color data like textures from merged objects on computer what is not possible with single scan projects or imported scans for merging , for that reason the feature was added what is a good thing .

Unless Apple devices support USB connection with the app and computer , I am afraid multiple project export will be not added as a feature . As that would involve Apple doing business with Revopoint and that would cost the end user a lot more .

I don’t think there’s anything prohibiting the exposure of the filesystem, but the app developer has to choose to do so.

Hi @TheBoatScans

Thank you very much for your feedback. We greatly appreciate it. As this update has brought about significant changes, we are actively listening to user suggestions.

Regarding the file sharing issue, I have already communicated it to our development team, and they will explore how to improve it. Perhaps it will be different in the next update.

If you have any further feedback or suggestions, please feel free to share them. We will take note of them and consider how we can enhance our tool.

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I retract part of what I posted originally… the share icon on the upper right of the screen when viewing a scan does indeed export a project which includes all the scans.

However it’s still true that the clicking Share from the … menu of the project tile in the list of projects directly goes to the Revoscan direct connection screen instead of the “Share To” popup menu.

I’d like to see some other lighting and color palette options. The blue I find masks some of the finer details especially from certain angles.

Hi @Linwood

Welcome to our community.

Thank you for your suggestion, we have sent this back to our dev team and will discuss it.

Hi @TheBoatScans

Okay, we understand that.

The dev team will take this issue seriously and see how it can be improved.

Is there a way to zoom in/out on a laptop without a mouse ?

Only if you have touch screen , touch path or mouse .
It is OpenGL .

You can try holding the Control key and '+" for zoom or “-” to zoom out , maybe it will works but not guaranteed.