Revopoint MINI Beta first scans

Thanks to Revopoint3D
Just got the Revopoint MINI Beta Unit a few days ago and have to say I’m happy with the results

POP2 & MINI companions

Deadpool figure with POP2 bust for size comparison

3D printed Deadpool POP2 V MINI

Rc 450 size Helicopter Main gear

MK1 Escort Indicator lens

POP2 scan of a second lens which has different text detail that didn’t scan well, I must add that until I got the MINI I was more than happy with this scan by the POP2 the MINI just takes it to another level of detail

MINI picked up the text perfectly

compared to my old scanner done a few years ago I think the MINI did a better job and was a lot quicker


Thanks for sharing Johnathan
Nice and clean scans .

Looking forward to see more soon.
Keep up the good work :+1:


RC Helicopter side frame scanned with MINI point pitch at 0.1, mesh at 5.8 zero de-noise, used AESUB Orange scanning spray which worked well except in areas that still had some oil residue that I hadn’t cleaned off correctly


That looks like a very complex scanning … Very cool Johnathan , thanks for sharing !

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Thx for sharing! That looks GREAT! Any difficulties while scanning and stitching? With or without scanning spray used? What are the roughly dimensions of the frame? Can you share pics of the original part, too? TIA!

Yes as I said AESUB Orange scanning spray was used, its still on today as you can see from this picture i just took

Did it in 2 sides with enough overlap to align in Revo Studio without much trouble


Yes a little complex but MINI handled well,
I Will try with POP2 tonight to see how it goes, probably do it quicker but less detail, with the smaller viewing area of the MINI it took a little planning to get everything but turned out ok


You did the planning well , so many corners still you was able to capture everything with so small window capture frame , well done ! It looks very good !

AESUB Orange is much better than blue , much fine surface and stays long enough .
I used it before for scanning my rings

I was testing out yesterday ATTBLIME AB2 3d spray vs AESUB blue, and so much better , stays up 2 hours where AE Blue only 30min . Much finer coverage , less clogging of the fine details . And most important half of the costs. I will be able to use it with my airbrush as well for fine applications.
I am going to tests out today the new mini markers they sent for a spin with MINI .


I got a leaflet with the AESUB spray that Revopoint3d had sent to me, it had some other sprays they do, one was called Yellow and was very very fine 0.5-1um instead of 10-20um for the orange i think it said, also had a transparent spray that would be useful for colour scanning i guess

I’ll have to try some of the ATTBLIME stuff

I have some AESUB green which is in 1L tin for use in airbrush or spray gun which works well and lasts about an hour or so, longer if if air can’t get to it, it’s about half the cost of the blue as you get 1000ml for about the same price as 400ml can of blue

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The prices got crazy for AESUB here , can’t get it for less than $56 , where ATTBLIME offers me a 1L container for $28 and is very good . With MINI most stuff needs 3D spray so it getting little too costly to just play with it .

I am not sure if the cans was old that I got but the Blue did not even last 30min on metal or shiny plastic . All the metal edges was exposed before finishing scanning the bolt on live stream . Not efficient enough for me .


Yeah That’s expensive, I’ll have to find out where best to get the ATTBLIME here in the UK.

I have enough at the moment with the green i got myself and the blue and orange cans revopoint kindly sent me but it’s to expensive to waste, the orange lasts the longest

I was already thinking of getting the ATTBLIME once i have used the green stuff up, I like using it in the airbrush as it’s more controllable than a spray can,

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Did you tried the official ATTBLIME UK website ? They have now Germany, UK and US .
Resellers prices are too expensive those days.

I got extra spray cans also from Revopoint but it was gone quickly since I scanned a lot of things for them .

For now I am good … and airbrush applications will save a lot of it .


Got some ATTBLIME from these guys … Store — Laser Scanning
Very good stuff !

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I am using the ATTBLIME AB2 for so long now, still going on and lots of scans done from the single can that I did not even opened yet the 1L container to use with my Airbrush. Also love the fact that it don’t cover the colors completely still perfect scans .
I was able to scan today finally a head of the us quarter.

I am still waiting to put my hands on this one ATTBLIME µScan liquid — Laser Scanning

Sadly still out of stock here in NYC . It may be better for scanning coins and fine jewelry with MINI too.

Must admit, I’m seriously tempted to order a Mini on Kickstarter. Very impressed with the results I’ve seen so far.
Do you have to pay customs fees when ordering/backing their products on KS ?

Not in US , but don’t know about UK . Maybe @Johnathan can answer you the question.
You have last 6 days before it is over and MINI return back to regular price.

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I would have to pay customs fees in the UK yes,
On the POP2 fedex paid them because they have a lot of problems getting the scanner to me so had to get the CEO involved :joy:

The beta MINI didn’t have any customs fees because it was a sample/gift but any kickstarter MINI will have fees to be paid I’m sure


Might wait for it to go on sale on their website in that case, much less hassle.

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You still going to pay tax , and it will never get that cheap again on the full premium set with gimbal and dual turntable that you can use with your POP2 as well.

Last time there was shipping option that was slower but without tax for European countries.

Not pushing … but I think the deal is great on the premium package .

As they say, don’t buy it if you really don’t need it :wink:

But the truth, I use now POP2 exclusively for human scans only and MINI for everything else .
But seeing your latest POP2 scan of the T-Rex skull, I understand you are not in hurry as it performed well for you .

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Yeah I’m just thinking it’ll save me the hassle of it getting stuck at customs.
And yeah, I’m in no hurry and would just go for the standard package.
It’s mostly smaller stuff I scan so the mini would cover 90%+ of the time.
Might even sell the Pop 2 at some point.

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