My Kickstarter MINI arrived! First scans

Hey everyone, my new revopoint MINI scanner arrived yesterday, I got a chance to play with it for a few hours after work, and first impressions are pretty astonishing.
If this is what I am getting out of the box, I am positive moving forward I can get even better results.

These scans were done with feature mode on turn table, I setup the scanner on a tripod and panned it down during the rotation scan.

I got REVO studio working now, so I’m keen to test merging of different angles.

Moving forward I want to scan sculptures with more over hangs, merging, coloring and scanning with Zinc coating to see how it does, but for the first session, completely new to the scanner, this was very promising.


here are a few more images of the meshed scans.
coming from photogrammetry ( reality capture ), the cleanness and accuracy of the output from MINI is already way better.


Those scans look great thank you for posting them up Johnchen.

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no worries! I’ll share more as I go along, I don’t own any other revo products, so I’m going into this blind.
Already found out not to use the revo calibration software for the MINI yet, thankfully it didn’t brick my scanner…


:rofl: So quick and the models look really cool!


They look really good :+1: lots of details to capture on them models :ok_hand:


Great work here @Johnathan , you mastered it in no time ! Love it !


all because of your tips :wink:
tonight I did 3 scans with zinc oxide coating, it is making a big difference, one object was on a black shiney base and the zinc oxide helped.

I will post these soon, once I merge the passes in revo studio.
I am watching your video now actually haha.


Aww you too kind … you have a good eye and attention to details and that helps a lot , I love the fact that you spent your waiting time to prepare yourself , the results speak for itself.
Looking forward to see more …

Subscribed !


Tonight I tried RevoStudio for the first time, i tried fusing two scans together following @PopUpTheVolume 's excellent videos on utube, the results were good, but I don’t think I needed to bother with the merging for this small sculpture lol.

The platicine sculpture was coated with a zinc oxide / denatured alchohol mix through an airbrush. this stuff is awesome, mattes all the shineyness away.



Can we share it on our Facebook and Instagram stories?

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yes, as long as you enter me into the 2 competitions :wink:
my social media:

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:rofl: Which two competitions?

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just a simple sculpture scan to show today, however one thing to note is the base the sculpture is on is a very shiney black tile, ( worst case scenario )
The first time I tried scanning this, it didnt work.
The second time I coated the entire piece with zinc oxide / denatured alcohol mix through airbrush, and it was perfect.
So the coating is 100% needed if you are scanning anything dark and shiny.


How do you keep the Zinc Oxide from separating from the Denatured Alcohol ? Constant shaking?

I have it in a small eyedrop bottle and shake it before I pour some into my airbrush in small batches, this stuff mixes surprisingly well in denatured alcohol. I was expecting it to clog up my airbrush, but it didn’t.
you dont need to mix that much zinc oxide. I think I eyeball about 30 ZO / 70 DA by volume.


tonight I scanned my Obelix sculpture, this was sculpted with Monster Clay grey ( oil based plasticine )
I did not coat it with zinc oxide for this one.
This piece is 24cm height

Whats special?
I used revo studio to fuse two scans together, one pass from the top one from the bottom
pictured bellow is final merged scan / top piece / bot piece

Still finding my way around revo studio, but Im getting the feeling unless its abosltely needed to merge scans, doing it in 1 pass already gives great results.
The extra time spent merging gives extra 20% better results, so unless you need to scan in parts, try to scan in one go.

Heres a video of the final merged scan.


hey guys, took a break from scanning and went ahead and cleaned up the Obelix sculpt and made him ready for printing.


Johnchen, your first scans are brilliant especially given they were done straight out of the box when the scanner arrived.

Sadly my experience has been different, being unable to scan anything successfully other than the little bust. One week in and to be frank, not one scan that wasn’t either misalligned, missing huge chunks or covered with stucco.

Please would you point me in the direction of any helpful videos you used to get you off to such a flying start?

I’ve watched PopUpTheVolume’s youtube stuff - which is brilliant, but it hasn’t improved my luck.



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hey Andy, happy to help if I can, What are you trying to scan? can you share photos of your scanning area and the object you are scanning? I’ve just been using the feature mode on the turntable on small sculptures, however I have not tried the hand held mode yet on large objects.

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