How much eye detail with Range?

Hi all, I’m new here. I’m confused about choosing between pop2 or range. My priority is to get facial detail especially on the eyes then after that to get full body for measurement only (don’t care about the details of the clothes)

Very grateful if there is someone who has the results of scanned eyes with Range. I want to see how much detail it can get.

Thank you very much.

Eyes details like what exactly ? Irises ?
Can you be more specific ?
Range is great for full body scans for measurement and very easy to scan compared to POP2 , but confused about the eyes and what you expecting ?
I have both devices btw …


Thank you for the reply. I saw your result on this forum and they were amazing. I curious what it can get when eyes open.

I see result on sketchfab with pop and pop2 and detail on eyes is pretty well for me

But for Range its seems lacks of detail.

The detail i mean is clear lines of eyelids and eye bags.

Hi! Range gives you much more detailed scans than the sample you show. Please check details from scans @PopUpTheVolume made with Range in her showcase thread!


Please ignore this Range scan you have there , it was scanned with body mode , in General mode the details are as fine as POP2 at the distance of 30cm

Also the new software improved a lot since the early version , so I would not use this early model as comparison

As Ivan just posted, check my thread scan inages for details .
I will post here today the details of the eyes for you while open for true comparison .


Thank you. :blush::pray: