Big things... RANGE SCANNER Unboxing

Are you ready?


Revopoint was gracious enough to reach out to Skreekar 3D after seeing our work with the automotive aftermarket parts using their Mini and Pop 2 scanners.

What were we going to say? No? Absolutely not :blush:

One of our biggest issues with trying to Reverse Engineer most automotive parts is frankly they are by far the worst items to scan.

For following Reasons:
Symmetry –
Scanning shifts can sometimes be undetectable until closer examination (Smaller FOV and the more frames to capture the object just add to the margin of error.)

Accuracy is king –
Scan data is only as useful to the extent of accuracy available. (Scanning a toy or statue to reprint on a Ender 3 is a neat, but only needs to be so accurate to look close enough)

Large areas of repeating slight curvature or low features -
This is where Small FOV scanners fall short. Not enough data to accurately track Cloud Data. (Markers help, but do not solve this completely)

Henry Ford once said you can have any color you want as long as it Black… or something like that. (Black Plastic is the vain of 99% of all 3d Scanners)
Lastly Price – Until recently 3D technology was voodoo for the hobbyist and unattainable unless you forked over $$$ and then that’s just hardware… Mesh to STL/OBJ/Step is a totally different animal and even Expensive Scanners can still give a unexperienced user BAD Data!!

Recently my delivery person looked extra Angry😊:

We received this HUGE Package… oh and a smaller box to go with it :blush:

The smaller Package: Brand Spanking New Range

If you have a Pop2 the kit basically the Pop 2 Premium (Tripod, Phone Holder, Moble Cable and Battery Pack!! (Very Nice, and it provides the correct power to all RevoPoint Scanners!) Marker (Which are the new improved Highly Reflective Versions)

Big box time: Flying Saucer? No sadly this will not take you to Mars!! Better Metaverse… :slight_smile: Puns…

This Big boy is a Remote Controlled TurnTable, very well built!!

Someone now owns this piece of equipment… Maybe I can rent it for a 2 packs of Gummies…Maybe…

First impressions? Serious bit of hardware. Everything is well built and of a premium feel like all my other Revopoint Scanners. Yet still very lightweight.

Testing is still well on our way and will be posting some completed scans shortly. I will say unlike some of my other competitors scanners, Revopoint continues to improve and Improve… Capabilities are expanding on the entire line and no question about it…

At this price point, THE GAME HAS CHANGED!!!

  • Sam

450mm tall buddha.

Single scan session on large Turntable.

Still working on large automotive related scans but wanted to join the fun. :wink:



Did you use spray for that scan?

Remember Andrew that Range can even scan black plastic or the plastic black bag we used to cover the table while scanning , it is very powerful.


Excellent. Looking forward to it. Thanks PUTV.

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No just 15 years of dust seem to do the trick lol.

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Dust is always better than any 3D spray after all Sam :joy:


That’s quite impressive then because that glossy surface would give Pop / Pop2 / Mini a hard time.


So where are the car scans? :slight_smile: Looking forward to your results. The specs say 0.1mm precision and 0.3mm accuracy.

Working on it. This buddah was nearly 4gbs of cloud points… I have plenty of partial scans (really what we need for our workflow) but trying to get complete watertight part scans. At this scale is a choir processing…

Stay tuned.



The accuracy is actually 0.1mm when scanning at 30cm distance , Revopoint just playing safe with the specs .


Here it is: RANGE scanner car scan

Definitely interested to see even partial scans you have done with this. This will be my primary use and it would be very helpful to me to see what you can produce.

Definitely interested to see even partial scans you have done with this. This will be my primary use and it would be very helpful to me to see what you can produce.

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better to under promise and over deliver then over promise and under deliver :slight_smile:

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That is true , but 3D structured infrared scanners never have steady accuracy at each distance , the specs should state between 0.1mm to 0.3mm accuracy , that would be most accurate .
Also the resolution is 0.1mm ( point distance) and not 0.3mm , there is huge difference between fusing at 0.1 and 0.3 mm .
Anyway the hardware deliver much better resolution and accuracy at 30cm distance and that is only good thing here .

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very true! so excited to get my range :slight_smile:


99-04 Ford 4.6L PI Intake Manifold
Dirty sun faded ABS, Even though it looks like some spray was used it was simply UV Exposure.