POP's back light changes to RED when connecting to RS.5.1.0

Just a quick note I use the POP scanner, when connecting to the new Revo Scan V5.1.0 the light on the scanner shows Green Blue the RED, So RED when is in scanner mode, but the original Revo Scan it was Red Blue then Green what is happening within the scanner? So Green when in scanner mode…

Is it working ? can you scan with it ?

Hi yes it seems to be but not really anything major to know if its working correctly, but it is strange that the lights are reversed so to me something has been altered with the upgrade within the scanner

Hi Mike , there nothing can be altered by connecting a scanner to a software , only via hardware update , if it is working fine then just ignore , if you have issues and the scanner do not connect well then we going to find out what is going on with the scanner , but it should be by default Red,Blue,Green, I will ask tonight our support team about and let you know .

Hi thanks for that i have tried on both versions and not matter how much I test it, it happens always and like any electrical equipment if you swap any connection then something is not correct

Just a couple of photos to let you see when connected to the software might make it easier to diagnose


This one showing green light

Thanks Mike , I will move the issue to the Customer Service so they can check it out , I donated my own POP1 so can’t confirm if the light changes to red after connection to RS5.1.0 , we have to wait for the office to open in next 12 hours to find out why .

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i will check it with my pop1, too. supposingly within1-2 hrs. and I will let you know.

just checked with my pop 1
revoscan 4.3.1 GREEN light when scanning
revoscan 5.0.8 RED light when scanning
revoscan 5.1.0 RED light when scanning

But…does it matter? if so, why?

Thank you Ivan , no it really don’t matters if it works … however it is an indicator , very strange indeed .

Thank you for testing it out Ivan, really appreciate your help ! :blue_heart:

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Guess it does not matter but all paper work on purchase was that green light needs to be on to scan, and if it is working a different way then something has been changed with rev scan 5 I’m surprised you did not know of this happening and not knowing why

Well Mike , you are the first person that ever mentioned it .
I don’t have idea why it is happening , It is something that the dev team need to address as that is hardware issue , so this is a job for customer service here .

I will tag @Revopoint-Agnes and @Revopoint3D-Gena to address this hardware issue

I totally agree with you it does need to be a addressed it is concerning when electrics can be reversed and no reason given, and as the item is not inexpensive or a throw away item, and electrical which is something not to be taken lightly…

If you say is right I’m the only only one who has mentioned it maybe I should be one of your testers as they have not picked it up before it went live, what is happening withing the other pop scanners?


Nothing , everything works as usual with other scanners , I just thinking how on the earth the software changes the directions of the colors when the profile is the same as I checked myself the codes … until we get answer from dev.team all we can do is just speculate … it is possible that your firmware is still the original one and not updated , that why it flips … just guessing

Well if you look at what Ivan said in his pop the original was as it should be as per instructions but when he used rev 5 .8 and the rev 5.1 it was reversed so not just my scanner!!!

You have to remember it’s not just changing colours it has to be changing the electrical current for the colours to change they wont just change on there own.

That why I wrote about the firmware and why nobody had that issue on the team … the firmware change how the hardware works with the software , and original POP firmware was made for Handy Scan … not for Revo Scan 4 ( that was still partial Handy Scan ) or Revo Scan 5 that is totally new .

The software can’t change electrical current via USB , becouse if you used battery you will still have the same results without any power connection with the software .

I’ll test with my Pop1 tonight just for fun. We Pop1 users need to stay together so RevoPoint doesn’t leave us behind. :slight_smile: