POP 3 test on actual bones?

Is there anyone in the Revopoint community with the new POP3 and access to a couple small animal bones who can showcase a few scans? Thus far, all of the examples I’ve seen are scans of models, sculptures, the usual stuff.

I have over a dozen horse neck bones that need to be scanned for a research publication but the funding is out of my pocket so you can see why I’d like to view results before making a purchase. Details and accurate RGB are a must. Any takers? Thank you!!


Hi @BoneLady If you check my showcase I have updated it with some more scans including horse leg bones


Thank you! I am not interested in printing them, just getting good scans with realistic color. Did you do these in one scan or several point clouds that you merged? If the latter, can you export the merged file as an .obj along with the texture file? I discovered this can’t be done using the Mini.
Please bear with me, I am a newbie at this. I understand most of the basic concepts but have a lot to learn!

This is an example of how I need the bone color to be as true as possible. This was scanned with a very high-end Artec scanner and I understand not to expect the same quality but am hoping the POP 3 might do good enough for my research. WhoZat_C7 - 3D model by bonelady [ebb7519] - Sketchfab.

Thank you SO much for replying!!

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the small bones can be done by doing one side 360 deg, pause then flip the bone over and do another 360 deg scan

Mini can do RGB & texture on bones

here is the same foot bone scanned with the MINI

I can send you the files if you have google drive or something to send the files to so you can have a look

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Hi Jonathan, I have Google Drive or We Transfer (info@equus-soma.com). This is a newbie question, but why are the models in some of the screen shots blue? I don’t see this when scanning with the Mini. Also, how many total frames do you shoot for in a scan? I’ve read different numbers. Thanks!!!

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If you click this icon you get the fused point cloud or mesh without colour, the blue makes it easier to see if you have a clean mesh or point cloud without the colour

normally I look for about 300-380 frames for one full rotation of the turntable, over scanning the same area just adds more noise in the data,

as you can see on this scan if I go back to the RAW data I did 2 rotations which captured 703 frames in total


I have scanned lots of bones with the Revopoint scanner. Here is a deer scanned with POP 3:

It handles the cavities and undercuts very well.


Hey, thanks so much for your reply. Would you mind elaborating on how many scans this took? Did you have to fuse separate point clouds? and how does the texture look, true to life?
What other bones have you scanned? Cheers, Pamela!

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This one was done in three scans that were merged in Revoscan.

This Coyote was done in one scan with the POP3:

This was scanned with the RANGE:

This was scanned with the MINI: