POP2 - PUTV 3D Models Showcase Progress & Tips

Straight out the box , not edited , holes not closed on the POP2 scan , 2 merges done inside Revo Scan app on PC via USB-C … no issues

No issues with alignments on turntable , works amazing smooth like a butter …
This 3 inches figurine was difficult to scan using POP1 … but the results are Clearly visible with POP2…
what else to say, success … excellent !

I will need to work more with it and find the sweet spot for future scans … I just want to be sure it does scan smaller objects in diameter as advertised , and it does …

The antlers are only 2 mm in diameter , head length 3cm, body high 7cm, legs diameter 5mm …



Here one more comparison between POP1 vs POP2
I had a small alignment issue but the point is about the accuracy and much better details with POP2.


Hi @PopUpTheVolume ,

Thank you so much for sharing your excellent scan result. I had pinned this post.

Looking forward to more showcases from you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Do you work for Revopoint? That game controller likely has some reflection and, if I were to guess, some black material in it. The POP2 isn’t capable of handling either. In fact, it isn’t capable of scanning anything, in my experience, other than small white objects and tiny trinkets / figurines that possess absolutely no reflection. That moose-like object is probably an example of that.

I ask if you work for Revopoint because my personal experience with the POP2 has been extremely negative. It has failed all scan tests in nearly every lighting environment and / or material. It cannot even scan a human face or head without losing track.

Honestly, I cannot imagine that anyone (besides Revopoint employees) that have tested this device would have anything remotely positive to say about it. It is by far the least reliable most disappointing scanner on the market.


No, I do not work for anybody , I am a 3D professional and I know what I am doing … that is not the scanner issue but the lack of education .
The remote control is my son’s toy and it is made from light colored plastic , your assumptions are again based on your own point of view only . I scanned people dressed in black clothing with POP1 … It only affects black shiny plastic and silicones as it absorbs the light.
POP2 is not a phone app gadget you can throw everything in and scan everything you have at home , it is a lesser 3D scanner so all surfaces need to be prepared if there is problem

I am not a sponsored beta tester and I paid everything with my own money
and I don’t owe anybody anything … If people come at me with this attitude then they will need to figure things out on their own as I have no time or I am paid to do so.

I just tested 30x30 mm dark gray shiny plastic with POP2 … tests passed without leaving Revo Scan app … is that not amazing ? POP1 would not even see half of it .
This should inspire you ! not discourage you …

look this , dark leather and metal … POP 1


More tests with POP2 all scans done inside Revo Scan app without leaving to Revo Studio


Hi @SatoriHeart ,

Sorry for your bad experience with POP 2.

@PopUpTheVolume is not our staff. I am.

Before you receive the POP 2, we sent many samples to YouTubers and many Beta testers. There’re many videos from them on YouTube and posts in this forum, which means you can watch them and know that POP 2 can perform well.

We created this showcase category for users to share their showcases. Some users can scan very well, while some do not. I think it’s normal for a product, especially a 3D scanner.

For those users who can’t get a good scan result, we’re very willing to help.

Actually, you can also share your scan process of the bad result in this showcase category, then many active users and I are willing to provide our suggestions, which may help solve your problem.

You can see some users shared their bad scan results on this forum, and also in our Facebook group, other users will tell their suggestions. I think this is the reason why this forum is helpful.

If you need, we can also have an online meeting with you.

Best Regards


More of POP2 scans, all scanning settings as recommended by the software .

I prefer the color vertex for color data and transfer it to UVs using another program

I closed the holes by mistake , this one is for @Revopoint3D-Cassie for the great support she always offers! and for her patience … Thank you !


Of course we can’t forget about our little dork here … the most simplest scan everyone can do …


Hi @PopUpTheVolume ,

Thank you so much! The flower is so beautiful! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Best Regards

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Thank you @Revopoint3D-Cassie , and you are more than welcome !
I did not believed it would scan the rose , but it did , here one more


Are you using the turntable? @PopUpTheVolume

@botznhos yes , for all the scans above I used turntable , tomorrow I will post my hand hold scans .
Make sure you have not too much light in your environment , I closed my curtains and use just small ambient light , it helps a lot with the tracking … bright light from the windows disturb it a little , around 4-9.000 lux maximum for best result ( cloudy day light works best ) I dimmed now down my desktop lighting too as it was too much for the flower tracking . Practice !


I will use special software to deal with it, so the effect is better.

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Do you see anything wrong with my setup off the bat?

Seems the scanner constantly loses track and then picks itself back up to where it thinks is correct placement.

@Zzz after I am done with the scan I export it and remesh it , make new UVs and project the details to new mesh … The denoiser under Meshing function works just great for for raw data . Also I am working with Zbrush so I have better control of the smooth features and better shader for preview that shows much more details than inside Revo Scan

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And this

Unable to trace because there are not enough surface features

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@botznhos I see … this is really weird … I use the same settings as yours, and usually I stop every 300 frames and don’t go higher , then I stop , create point cloud and go for the next , so 300 frames for one rotation . I would also recommend to cover up the tournable top with some black color silicone Matt or cut out from the plastic that was included with the scanner and cover it, I did it because the markers driving the scan crazy. With the settings you have right now , there should be not dots in your scan data . Try to put the scan little higher aboven like a desk lamp with distance around 200-250 mm ( 20cm/25cm)
Screenshot 2022-03-24 003237
I prefer to have it higher than lower …and keep proper distance