Diary of a 3d scanner newbie & growning

Hi all, I’ve had the scanner pop 2 for two days and I want to post my scans, the technique I’m using and, to the extent possible, the improvements I’m getting. I do it in case it can be of help to those who are starting out and also to have my development centralized in one place.
I don’t have infrastructure set up right now, so I use a cheap rotator base:

So actual scans mainly hanheld.

First scan Agripa:

Not so bad… encouraging start. Set revoscan to high def and details.
One full turn this way:

Click pause, turn the figurines and another turn like this:

Predefined configuration in revo scan and meshing.


After the previous one I have done several scans and mainly I have obtained point clouds that overlapped with many defects. I have searched for a lot of information, read a lot on the internet until I found the wonderful PUTV thread. I have read it for two days from cover to cover like a baby sucking on a bottle. There is a lot of super useful information and I have started to apply some of it.

Trying a face:

Self scan, Mode face at high res. Steady as i could, at excelent distance, trying to not overscan same área, no pauses. After that, save and clean clouds in Cloud Compare as PUTV show us.
I was amazed at the great detail obtained. I foresee great future satisfactions and fun.

Next monday:



Wow 2 days only ? you are on a great path ! once you develop your own workflow it will be even faster , but so far what you doing is great , especially for a newbie.
Cloudcompare gives you higher quality and better quicker cleaning tools as your face scan looks really great and detailed for POP2 .

Looking forward to see more of your scanning adventure with POP2 !

P.S I see you getting yourself ready for the full body scan ? this turntable is also great for small objects , if you step on it , make sure not direct on the edges , first step in the center .

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Thank you PUTV for your warm welcome. :smiley:
Today i was designing and printing an ergonomic holder for the pop 2. I saw one for the pop in thingiverse, printed it but doesn’t fit to pop 2.
This is mine:

It can fit a power bank, the phone holder and has the cables more ordered. Also the weight is more balanced than original.
If anyone is interested, i will publish in thingiverse tomorrow.
is designed with tolerances for resin printer.


As a motorcycle lover, one of my main goals is to scan bikes and parts for printing, reverse enginering…

Moving with the scanner with a large cable is tedious… ok, wifi then… but capacity and processing of the smartphone… ok, wifi with laptop.

but I can’t see the laptop screen if I’m moving around the object I’m scanning. What if I could project the laptop screen on the mobile by WiFi? That would be the ideal solution, comfort without cables, seeing the process on the mobile but using the processing capacity of the laptop.

I suppose that many of you who have spent more time with this topic will have thought the same and even implemented it a long time ago. However, I will post how I solved this issue.

this little thing helps a lot:

A virtual screen device (5 €)

The solution proposed in the manual → POP2 host (router in its own net) and the laptop as client is a bad solution, you have no internet access and the scaning is glitchy and hangs continuously (is my case).

POP2 client of the home wifi, the best solution if it works. It worked the first time but if i power down the scanner, next time it dont work. I have to reset the router and then it works again. Well my solution is to asign a fixed ip to the scanner (lease ip on dhcp settings in the router). This way the scanner allways connect to laptop by wifi.

Well, close to target. But how i can broadcast the laptop screen to smartphone screen? Ok, there are many programs to view the laptop on phone in order to control, but i dont want to control the laptop, only view the screen. I installed on laptop Deskreen, a free aplication wich needs a virtual display device (in previous photo). Then with phone, open navigator an access a webpage and you see laptop’s screen.

You can use the processing power of your desktop computer which is in other room…



Gollum figurine scanned with new rotating base.

Not so bad, but I have to try to get more details.

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Great thread , keep going , very interesting to read about all your findings! and see your progress !

This time I scan a 50 cm tall figure. Face mode and maximum resolution. I start at the bottom one full turn and then move the scanner to the middle another full turn and finally move the scanner all the way to the top and another full turn. this time I don’t pause and continue, all at once.

Before merging the point cloud it showed me one ear inside another, that is, overlapping clouds. After merging the points the extra ear disappears. Encouraged by this, I create the mesh from Revo Scan itself… (not with Cloud Compare as usually) and this is the result, it’s not bad at all.


As previously posted, now on Video:


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My little son bust :hot_face: :heart_eyes:

It was a nightmare, loaded with tons of dry champoo and still getting “lost track”. Well, After several attempts I finally got it.
Mode Head, with rotatting plate at 30 secs per round.
The problem is that you have to decisively climb the scanner to move to the next area, because otherwise it repeats scanning in already scanned areas and problems arise.
Anyway the scan has flaws but for now I’m satisfied.

Printed in resin with an Anycubic M3 Plus.



Very good ! Next time try baby powder for the hair , dry better mixed with light hair spray in a spray bottle. Less work , better results , less smell . Head mode is difficult with tracking ,next time go for body mode , scan the bust, then the face with face mode and merge it in Revo Studio .

Great job on your son scan and print , looks really great :+1:

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Thank you !!, the proportions 50/50?
In others comments i readed about a mix 60% baby powder and 40% Isoprophyl… but isoprophyl on head… :flushed:

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That is one of the doubts I have, in one of the tests, similar to what you say, I managed to scan the head with the hair but the scan with two noses was left. So I did a scan of only the face in face mode but when I put it together with the other scan in Revo studio it left three noses :man_facepalming:
The new face does not replace the old.

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you can see by the look on his face that he’s in teenager mode.

Not good for the hair , will dry it out , you can use non alcohol hair spray and mix together , the ratio depends of your powder and the noozle on your spray bottle,less is better .

You need to cut out the other portion before merging in Revo Studio and not merge one thing on top another beside only the edges .

I saw :laughing: but it made it look more classic, he gonna appreciate it more when he grows up one day .Now his teenager mood is written in a “stone” :joy:

As promised, the POP 2 balanced handler in thingiverse:

This is an improved version.



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One of my youngest son’s favorite games (and mine). Armor scanned full covered with dry shampoo. One turn stand, other turn face up and another turn face down. Pausing between each one. Feature mode.
Scans cutted with revo studio and joined with meshmixer.
Now i’m learning Blender… :dizzy_face:


Good job :+1::grinning:, so now he like it ?

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