POP2 Does not work with any of the Software

Anyone have a way to fix this?

POP2 arrived yesterday and spent hours yesterday and today trying to get it to do anything.

HANDYSCAN app on my Samsung Z Flip3 opens, says connected to POP2 wifi, but no preview screens always black and none of the app buttons do anything. Then app crashes.

REVOSCAN app on my Macbook Pro 2019 16" i9/16GB RAM/1TB harddrive. Says does not detect device, but then intermittently will when connected to POP2 wifi. But there is no preview and when I select “New Scan” and select ok, whole app just crashes or freezes my computer.

HANDYSCAN on same Mac shows preview, but even trying to scan the included bust it constantly says not enough points, and doesnt track well. I only managed to get a resulting object once and it looks like it was melted with 3 different heads.

I got this to scan human bodies. So i need it to work on a phone. I cannot be carrying phone in one hand and balancing a large laptop in the other.

If there is not an immediate viable solution- I would like to return the POP2 as it is otherwise an expensive paperweight.


Hi @thrawn ,

May I know if you plug the POP 2 to your phone or Mac directly?

When using the Wi-Fi mode, you can’t use the phone or Mac as the power source. (We will add a reminder in the next version)

Please check these posts:

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Hi @Revopoint3D-Cassie ,

When POP2 is connected to wifi on either android or Mac, it is only connected to powerbank. The POP2 says connected to wifi on both but nothing shows up on preview. (On Mac, the wifi connection will continuously disconnect.

The screen buttons for Revoscan on Android do not respond to any touch.
On Mac, Revoscan will automatically shutdown when I select New Scan and Ok.

How did you get the POP2 to scan a human body? Are we talking a figurine or a full-scale body? My POP2 is unable to track if moving faster than 1cm / 5 seconds. It loses track randomly, regardless of lighting, surface, material. Just curious how you performed what I see to be an impossible feat at this point. I have performed ~100 scans over the past couple of days, and none of them were successful (apart from the head that ships with the unit). White objects scan every time.

As for mobile scanning, I wouldn’t get my hopes up. I got the POP2 working with an iPad Pro over WiFi, and it is so slow as to be completely unusable. The mobile apps are not ready for primetime and even when working, don’t appear to use the same pointcloud fusing algorithm (or it simply works less efficiently on iOS / Android).

Hi @SatoriHeart,

Haha, rereading what I wrote, i should have chosen a different word. I meant I bought this to scan full scale human bodies; not that i got it to work. I couldn’t even get it to scan the little bust it came with.