[Tutorial] How to connect the POP 2 by Wi-Fi mode with your phone?

I use an iPhone as an example. Actually, the method is the same for Android phones.

Plug the POP 2 into a power bank or AC adapter. (Do not plug it into your phone)

  1. Find the POP 2’s Wi-Fi name, which is POP2-REVO_A21AXXXX.

  2. Type in the password - Revopoint3d

  3. Connect it successfully.

  4. Open “Revo Scan” and click “New Scan”.

  5. Wait for a while, then the SN of POP 2 appears. Click the icon and confirm.

  6. Adjust the exposure of in-depth camera. If it is higher, then choose “Manual”, and make the data lower. Turn on the “Remove Plane”.

  7. Adjust the exposure of the RGB camera too. Turn on the Calibration line. (when scanning, make sure that the scanned object in the center of this window)

  8. Start to scan.


My iPhone connects to the Revo WLAN but Revo Scan can’t find it on the network.

I can connect the phone to the POP network, but RevoScan can’t find it to scan

This does not work. The software does not enable you to connect to the wifi

Hi @Krummrey @cadmandu @GKS ,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Could you please let me know your phone brand, model, OS?

Thank you in advance.

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For me the issue was that I powered th Pop2 with my MacBook. The scanner is not able to take power from a USB that has a data connection but only use the power from the USB. You have to use a “dumb” USB Power like a phone charger. Seems to be a bug in the software/firmware to me. No reason not to be able to use USB power source that also provides data.

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MY PROBLEM GOT SOLVED … works great now

Hi @cadmandu ,

The iOS version is updated to V1.0.3, could you please try it and see if it works now?

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Hi @PopUpTheVolume ,

Do you try the latest V3.0.4 version? I wonder if this new version solve this problem. Could you please have a try?


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@Revopoint3D-Cassie I found the problem , my older Android 11 did not support dual band WiFI 5GHz that why I could not see the POP2 network on my phone , I got new phone for using with POP2 now and everything working just fine ! Hotspot, WiFi and USB-C no complains

You should put in the manual / specification that user needs dual band 5Ghz WiFI in order to connect POP2 to their WiFI on their phones , computers/tablets

Yes I have the new App ! thank you

Note: Also for HotSpot if you have AP Band 5Ghz change it for use with POP2 , the basic settings are 2.4Ghz.

That’s incorrect. I currently have a WiFi connection to my POP2 from Revo Scan running on my GALAXY S8 android phone while the POP2 is being powered by my HPZ640 workstation.
The POP2 is set to [HOST] mode and my PC is using 5GHz WiFi and connected as if it were a WiFi router.

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I’m sorry, but I can’t quite figure out what your saying. I’ve seen POP2 [CLIENT] mode referred to as HotSpot. Are you saying It uses 2.4GHz while [HOST| mode is 5GHz?

@Unobtainium You can use WiFi or Mobile Hotspot , some phones has dual band 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz , POP2 is working via WiFi only with 5Ghz , but when using Hotspot at 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz . Normally Hotspot AP band is set at 2.4Ghz so you have to change it to 5Ghz if your have dual band for faster data flow , but it will still works at standard 2.4Ghz just slower .

here I made a diagram how to connect your POP2 to your phone , there are still 2 mote possibilities .

Somehow with hotspot it doesn’t work at 2.4ghz for me, only 5ghz.

It depends of the phone maybe , no idea , it works for me on both bands in Hotspot mode , but on WiFi it only support 5Ghz

I can’t seem to connect on my phone, only has 2.4ghz, is there a way around this issue?

Hi @rick27 , if you have only 2.4Ghz then you can’t use wifi with POP2 , on my older phone I could use Hotspot at 2.4ghz , did you tried connecting via Hotspot ?

if not you will have to use mobile connector cables , one goes to power bank and the other to USB-C for data . And if you phone support OTG, you can use just one USB-C cable , but I would recommend using with power bank for smoother operation .

I have tried both wi-fi and hotspot and nothing comes up to connect to, also tried usb connection and that won’t work either. Using Huawei Prime phone

If you have Huawei Y9 Prime (2019) then I see no problems why not since it have dual band and OTG , what exactly type you have ?