Pop2 Unable to pair with Mac or IOS device

I am unable to connect the pop2 using usb or wifi. I have tried it on Mac OS, iPhone and iPad.

The USB on the Mac, on both Scan and Calibration Applications the camera isn’t found.

On the iPhone and iPad it shows the wifi is connected, but no camera is found as well.

Please advise.

In USB mode, did you monitor the status light on the rear of the POP 2? If it didn’t go green, then the USB port isn’t powerful enough for the scanner.

In WiFi mode, did you change the default connection mode? What are you using for power (it cannot be a computer)?

Just to make sure… what did you use as the SSID and Password in your computer or phone?

The Light on the Camera Stays Blue regardless if its plugged into usb or into a direct power source. I used the password Revopoint3d.

That’s the problem. The POP 2 displays a blue light when it is running POST. When it is ready to use, it displays green.

I have noticed an internal repair function with the Revopoint scanners when I have (very occasionally) encountered a problem.

Try this: Make sure Revo Scan is not running on any of your devices (so the scanner will be free to run its internal diagnostics). Leave your scanner unpowered (for an hour or so, in my experience, but probably less), then connect to an AC powered USB supply rated for a minimum of 10 watts (2 amps). Let it run for a while and check back to see if the status LED turns green. If this process works, it should take less than 10-15 minutes (I haven’t timed it).

I tried the process your suggested. I removed the Scan App on my Devices with the exception of my computer (which I powered off).

It had been plugged in for more than an hour (with supplied usb power outlet) with no changes. I tried an additional power source and same result. Still solid blue light.

I only said that they should be ‘off’, not ‘off the device’, but the real problem is the blue light.

Dig out your paperwork on the purchase and @Revopoint3d-Selina may be able to help you.

Thank you, Jeff. Will try my best to offer help. :sparkling_heart:

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