Pop 3 Depth camera not functioning properly

Hello, Im recently bought the POP 3 scanner, and while the first 3 scans I did were successful, today the depth camera stopped working. Ive tried disconnecting and reconnecting the scanner but same results. Manually increasing the exposure for the depth camera shows image but no cloud points are being detected. Is this something related to settings or is it a hardware issue? Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi @RobertoGzz

Please follow the steps below, for Windows OS only:

Please download and unzip the whole folder get_image.zip to your computer. Don’t download the files one by one.

Do not open the software. Plug in the scanner to your computer and wait until the green light turns on. Do not open the software, then, point the scanner at a white wall or any white object.
Open folder get_image, double-click on the get_image.bat file and wait patiently for 5 minutes. 42 images will be generated automatically in the folder get_image.
Please pack and send me these 42 images.

Looking forward to your reply.

Hello Jane, here is the google drive link for the images. However, only 20 images were generated. Please advise if thats how it was supposed to be or if something went wrong. Thank you!

Hi Roberto,

Ok, I sent you a request access, you should get an email, please accept it for me, thank you!

Hey Jane, granted you access

Ok, got it!

Hello, we have confirmed that this is a hardware issue.

Please send an email to customer@revopoint3d.com, and they will provide you with a replacement device.

In the email, please mention “Gena confirmed POP 3 defective”.