POP2 problems, its not scanning


I have problems with my pop 2. Apparently the “projector” is not working properly.
I need help.

Adjust the Depth Camera’s Brightness slider (lower right in the Main Menu, but lower left in the Scan menu after you have specified the mode, etc. after selecting the “New Scan” (Nuevo Escaneo) tab.

What you want is as much grey (white is allowable, but less preferred) and the minimum amount of red in the Depth Camera’s window.

Also, the type of ambient light can interfere with scanning. Direct sunlight is a no-no. Incandescent light is also bad. I have read that some LED lights have essentially no emissions in the infrared band, so don’t cause a problem.

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I have similar problem. Strange is if I squeeze the scanner housing on the left side lightly with my fingers, the image improves and the scanner works, if I let go, the projector’s LED starts flashing and vertical stripes appear (like on csumonte attached photo) instead of the full image and the scanner stops working properly again. Something is not making contact inside. could support respond?

Please post new thread under Customer support , this thread is outdated and use old software not related .
You experiencing hardware issue and need assistance .
Please start new topic with screenshots showing your issue .
Thank you