POP issues with Depth Camera

Hello - just joined online here.

I purchased an original POP unit via KickStarter (INV-KS-0941) and received the unit sometime around June 2021. I was able to perform a single scan of the turntable bust, albeit the Handy Scan software was very laggy and I had to try a few times.

One month later I was moving to another office so I packed the unit away and then TOTALLY forgot about it… until tonight when I opened a box while looking for a power cord and saw it.

So I downloaded and installed the new Revo Scan 5 software. The depth camera either displays as a red box (using the original Handy Scan) or an empty black box (using Revo Scan 5).

Device manager shows both cameras installed when it’s plugged into a USB-C port (DepthCamA213xxx and RGBCamA213xxx). Computer is a Dell XPS 8930 with a i9-9900K processor running @ 3.6ghz and 64gb of RAM. Latest Windows 11 build.

I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted, updated windows/drivers via Windows 11… to no avail. I’ve also disconnected my USB webcam just in case there was interference.

I’ve also tried installing Revo Scan 5 on my Dell XPS laptop (i9-10885 @ 2.40 ghz, 64gb) but it displays the same blank black depth window.

It’s an expensive doorstop at this point - and I see above several other folks who have had the same experience. How can I send it back for either servicing or replacement?

Please advise - thanks!


Hi David @DavidStewart

Welcome to our community!

Thank you for raising this issue, the testing team is troubleshooting the issue. They need the following information from you for reference.

  1. What is the firmware version of your device?
  2. Is this only happening with v5.3.2? Has this happened with any other version before?

Thank you!


Here is the information from both of the scanner programs I’m attempting to use:

Handy Scan (
Model: POP
SN: A2130499266400A31
Firmware: v1.6.6.20210208
Algorithm: v6.6.3.0207

Revo Scan 5 (5.3.2)
Name: POP
SN: A2130499266400A31
Firmware: v1.6.6.20210208

I have not tried any other versions of software.

Handy Scan was the software that was available with the scanner when I purchased it.

Revo Scan 5 is the latest software available that I can find on the website.

Hope this helps!


Hi David @DavidStewart

Thank you very much for the information. I’ll let you know if there are any developments.

Thank you for your patience.

Best regards,

FYI: I’ve also logged this issue here with Charlene: