POP 2 - scanning with HandyScan 4 Beta 1 for MAC - WIFI mode

Hi everyone,
today I tried HandyScan 4 beta 1 for MAC. The separately powered POP 2 (firmware upgraded to 2.5.25) (the usb cable was connected with a power supply for kindle) was connected to the Mac (a macbook pro - see configuration in the image below) via WIFI (host).


To carry out this first test, I scanned a Beethoven portrait (patinated plaster).

The scan was performed in “High accuracy” by making “Stop” and “Resume” rotating the sculpture on the table. Whenever you are Resume, the scan has never lost its tracing and has always aligned perfectly with the points already scanned.

The impression of use is rather “smooth”.

After completing the scan, the “point cloud” fusion was performed.

… and after the creation of the mesh.

Below show to you the result (clean mesh: zero artifacts, zero noising, zero misalignments)

Sculpture dimensions (in mm)


Ciao, dove si scarica la versione beta per MAC?


Here is the official beta for mac Wi-Fi