POP 1 scanning with HandyScan beta 4 and comparison of the result with old version software

Hello everyone,
today I post the scan test carried out with the latest version of the HandyScan software, the beta 4, used with the POP 1.

Below, the new interface of HandyScan beta 4

The new interface is very “clean” and there are new buttons for selecting the settings relating to resolution and meshing.

Compared to the previous version, the ease of use is much better, the scanning process is decidedly fluid, the “stop and resume” work very well (it resumes tracking very well), allowing you to create in only one scan what was previously divided into multiple scans to be merged subsequently with HandyStudio (see comparison example, four separate scans). Furthermore, the software is very stable and has never crashed even after a very long time of use (in our case two hours used to perform the entire scan and to try various settings for meshing and denoising).

I wanted to do this test with the new software using POP 1. In fact, the improvements also concern the first version of the scanner. Besides the improvement in use, the result is also much better.

Below, is the comparison between the scan made with the HandyScan 4 beta software version and the one made with HandyScan 2.4.8 (Pop Revopoint VS Creality CR Scan 01)
with HandyScan 2.4.8

As you can see in the image, the scan made with the old version of HandyScan and HandyStudio, there are some alignment defects of the meshes (areas in the red circles).

In conclusion, I believe that we are on the right path.
The software that will be further improved, of this I’m sure, will also be integrated with new features, such as those for point cloud editing (to remove unnecessary or imperfect scanned areas).


Always a pleasure to read your posts !
Question: What is the size of the scanned object?
Thank you for your time !

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Hi PopUpTheVolume,
Thanks for your appreciation.
The stucco bas-relief is 70 cm x 55 cm


Hi @dfodaro ,

Thank you so much for sharing!

Your scan result is always so good.

Best Regards

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Thank you so much for sharing :grinning: