Mac HandyScan version not connecting to POP

Just downloaded the new Mac version today. Sadly the software is failing to see the POP. I tried a couple of ports (direct) but no joy. The green light on the POP is on, so it is getting power. It also works fine on a MS PC.

If by ports you mean USB, then the Mac version was released with the USB connection not working. They’re supposed to be working on it but it’s only WiFi for now.

It’s mentioned in the Mac s/w announcement thread if you want more.

Well, that seem expected. Guess that apple usb is hard to implement.

However still can’t get it to work via WiFi.

Good news is I finally got my iPad to work by setting wireless to my local WiFi.

Hi @turbogeek

At this period, the macOS version only supports Wi-Fi mode. The USB mode is under development.

Here is the steps for your reference: [New Release] The Beta Mac Version of Handy Scan - 20210604 - #13 by Revopoint3d

Best Regards