Pop Revopoint VS Einscan SE

The same sculpture (14 cm high- without the base) scanned with Pop Revopoint and Einscan SE


Looks about right to me for half the cost. Figured it would not do super high detail but that looks good! If I can ever get mine to actually work on my computer I will know first hand.

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Wow, that looks superb! I think POP managed better than Einscan. Can you tell how many triagles does the mesh have for both scans?

Einscan SE 1730504 triangles POP Revopoint 692551 triangles

A quarter of cost. There is a bit of noise but resolution and precision are really good

Amazingly good, nothing to argue (except I’m still waiting for my POP :sweat_smile:)

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Which software did you use to do the scanning?

HandyScan (Windows version) for Pop scanning
Einscan software (Mac version) for Einscan SE

Do you have pictures of the actual model in real?
And what is the Size of the model?
Thanks a lot!

Also waiting for my PoP to arrive

wow, thanks OP for sharing with us! I’m beyond excited to get it so I can start scanning things for fun. the details are pretty close, nothing that you cant fix in zbrush or blender.

Great Demo! Thanks for sharing with us!

thank you for the appreciation

thank you very much for the appreciation

I added the images of the original sculpture and the size to my first post

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Hi @dfodaro Thank you so much for sharing this comparison. I pined it to the top so that more users can see such a good post.

thank you for the appreciation @Revopoint-Cassie
I had submitted my candidature like beta tester but nothing…

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Sorry for that. Last time we got too many apply emails. In the future, we will have many contests on this forum, and I will invite you to join in.

thanks again
But the reviews of the beta testers?

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@dfodaro At this period, we’re focusing on the shipping issues. Some testers sent us their translation of the user’s manual, while others not. We will follow up and check with them soon. I hope they can share their scan result like you.