Handyscan VS Handystudio

Hi everyone, I tried to do some scans and then process the mesh with both Handyscan and Handystudio. I have noticed that handystudio brings out a lot more detail from the scanned file. The photos demonstrate this.
I also have a scan of my face for someone wondering how he behaved with faces.
I did it all with an Imac and Bootcamp with USB connection, unfortunately for OSX there is still no Handystudio version.


I am a curious person :slight_smile: . I checked the difference between a pc-scan and mobile scan. I did not change the physical position of model and pop. With Meshlab you may convert the ply-file (not the mesh-file) into an ascii-file. And look into with Notepad++ . I my case there were about 195k versus 70k vertex found. A lot more detail in the pc-scan.

A mobile scan should bring up better results, a pity that it get lost by supposing a phone can not handle it.

Yes, if you want the best results, you should always scan and then export the mesh to handy studio. That’s the correct procedure, it should be written in the manual and if it isn’t, I know it will be in the next update coming soon.

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