POP2 - 3D scanning 18th century wooden sculpture with last version software RevoScan for MAC (usb)

Hi everyone,
in today’s post I show you the result of the scan of an 18th century wooden sculpture.

3D scanning was performed with the latest version of RevoScan software (Mac version, USB mode).
The sculpture was placed on a table covered with the black plastic sheet (supplied with the POP 2 scanner).

The scan mode chosen was feature, high precision, no color.

First, the exposure value of the depth camera was set, until a sharp image (gray value) was obtained.

The scan then began, stopping and resuming when necessary, and fusing point.

After completing the various portions of the scan (several have been carried out) and fusing the points, the file has been saved in PLY format.

The various scanned portions were edited in the RevoStudio program.

The next step consisted in aligning the various scans.

Once the scans were aligned, the mesh was created.

CloudCompare software was used for this operation (which has commands for further cleaning of the points).

Finally, the working flow result:


Great sculpture. Great results.


@dfodaro great job as usual Davide ! I see Cloud Compare is your new friend :wink:

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Thank you for your appreciation

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Thank you for your appreciation