Original Revopoint POP & Face Scanning


For a while, I was really demotivated and did not touch my POP scanner.
Now after about a year , I want to make use of it again.
Seems the new software on Android is better and with my S22 Ultra phone it did not crash and 3 faces successfully.

But the hair is not fully scanned.
Now I have 2 questions:

  1. is there a firmware upgrade I should do for better performance ?

  2. for scanning hair , what should I do ?
    I understand that I can scan it with “dark” mode. But how should I scan both face and hair ?
    Should I do it in 2 parts ?
    Should I “continue” to face with new settings after scanning the face ?
    Or should I scan them as 2 separate objects and then merge with a 3rd party software ?

I have a pop2 so not the same, but for body scanning I would avoid doing more than 1 scan if possible as people move - it will throw off your scan and/or ruin it. Merging two scans of a human (who has moved even just slightly) may not merge at all.

For hair, you can try adding talc or white substances in hair. Though hair will never come out great, just try and capture as much as you can and fill in holes later.

The update of POP firmware can be done only by the assistance of the customer support , please write request to customer@revopoint3d.com

The best to use dry shampoo or powder if the hair are very shiny, you can also use the last RS5.0.6 version and use auto depth exposure , it will adjust automatic the exposure while you scanning darker materials , however with POP I would prefer to use dry shampoo .

Thanks for your response.

For the firmware; what is the current version and how can I know what version I have on my POP scanner ?
Because I had done it once, I am not sure if my firmware is already up-to-date.

About hair scanning; in the past , I had tried with spray and other chemicals but the result was not good. I prefer avoiding use of these. So, I’d like to give it a try with version 5.0.6
But it does not exist for Android yet as I see. Will it be available for Android ?

I installed 5.0.6 on Windows PC and tried it now. Scanner hair was close to 0%
What should I do to enable auto exposure for hair ? (both camera exp. settings are set to “auto”)

Thanks. With the help of support, I was able to upgrade.
The previous firmware version was:
And now it is:
Is this the most recent one ?

And what are the differences between these 2 versions ? What should I expect ?

It is purely improved work between latest software algorithms and the device , improved performance.

I don’t have POP anymore , you should ask the support for the information via email as they handle the updates and all informations related to it .

Latest Android version is 5.0.4 and it should works for you ok , there will be not PC version for Android as phones can’t process that kind of editing . So only scanning and simple auto processing , you can import your projects to PC now and finish processing to save time .

We all do that all the time and the results are just fine , if the hair are too black and shiny there is no other option , 3D scan is for scanning volumes , and hair are rather not a solid volume plus reflective so it is hard to project a pattern on it .

The Blue square in the preview depth cam windows should be target the dark surface for the auto to work , try to use scanning settings to Dark object, however if the hair are too shiny , you going to have issue as much as with scanning shiny metals or other surfaces .
On top POP have the lowest capacity and accuracy however I scanned with it black hair in the past with some help of slightly baby powder to matte down the shine . The black color is not the huge issue here but the shine .

Thanks for the detailed explanation.

well, I asked for 5.0.6 on Android for the auto-depth-exposure, not for merging or editing.

Ok. Let me try it again. Maybe with correct chemical and method this time.
What should I use ?
Any specific spray ? Or baby powder ?
I have baby powder at home; how should I apply it to hair ? How can I distribute it evenly to the hair ?

It is not ready yet , but well needed .

Use baby powder , just slightly put some baby powder in a cloth like t-shirt cotton/polyester so you have just slightly dust coming out , not need much
Just to get off the shine , works great on black beards , eyebrows and hair .

You can also use simple spray bottle with some baby powder inside mixed with alcohol for spraying surfaces that are invisible to infrared like black silicone, PVC or black plastic , if will help you with scanning at no cost , after you done you just brush it away with a brush or vacuum.

Dry shampoo for hair works too but I am not so much a fan of the smell, too powerful …

I didn’t understand how I should implement baby powder to hair.
I put it on cloth ? Then ?

Then shake it , you should get slightly dust from it , don’t put too much inside and leave some space .
There are also powder dusters on Amazon that you can use with baby powder .

Powder Duster https://a.co/d/fnh79DP

ok. tried this and had some better results. But still not great.
Maybe I’m doing it not exactly as it should.
Any clues ?

Btw, I realized that if I select type: body when scanning, it scans the hair better. (compared to dark mode)

Of course it scans the hair better as Body mode require less tracking points than Feature mode .

Remember hair in general is not a solid volume , when the hair are not straight and curly , I usually use first some gel or water to keep the volume more tight then use on top powder if needed . Usually I spray it with Air brush mixed with water .

Hair will be never scanned perfectly since the scanner can’t capture individual hairs anyway so it will always looks slightly clumpy .

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I am “ok” with clumpy scan of hair.
Not expecting a perfect scan.
I’m trying to understadn the spray through air brush mixed with water :
so you put powder and add water on top on the air brush ?
what percentage of water in the total mixture ?

I am mixing by eyeballing , as I not always need the same amount, the consistency don’t need to be too thick, more of a 2% milk or less , you can also use regular spray bottle , not need to be airbrush if you don’t have one .

Just make sure you shaking well before each spraying .

Add less powder to mix and spray on something to see the result , less is better as you don’t need to make the hair white , just to make them looks like dusty, it will be enough .

Or get yourself a powder duster for dry application without water

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade Bulb Duster, Powder Duster, Powder Dispenser, Home Powder Applicator, Puffer Sprayer for Multi Purpose Indoor and Outdoor Use https://a.co/d/g3Vfbvf