Pop2 and the hand held stabilizer

was having a go with these two to try and do a selfie scan of my head. connected the stabilizer via bluetooth to the PC then connected the pop2 via wifi. started a scan and it lost track almost immediately and the stabilizer went over on its side. so powered down the stabilizer. powered back up then spent the next hour trying to see it on my pc. nothing. tried without the stabilizer and same. it would connect to my phone though.

in the end i changed the ssid in revoscan and that seemed to reactivate it. so started to try and scan using the stabilizer again. well it was the usual mess of my face being out of sync. i dont know it just doesnt seem to be able to scan without either loosing track very easily, rotating part of my face, or shifting part of my face. the only thing i havent tried is calibrating it, but cant see that helping tracking it doesnt even think its lost tracking.


All you should do is restart the wifi and Revo Scan on your PC .
It is a bug in 4.1.1 version … new version is on the way

Next time just restart WiFI

Use face , head or body mode to scan your face . Use enough light in the room and practice ! :wink:
P.S put your scanner on a tripod in front of you , then rotate yourself on a chair/stool , from ear to ear for quick face scan in Face / Head mode

cheers will try that. on the light issue the room was quite dim but i thought with the infrared POP2 less light was actually better? or am i getting mixed up with my POP Mini? also i noticed on Revoscan there is some settings for the stabilizer but its currently greyed out and the scan button actually brings up my laptops volume control, im guessing this will be fixed in the new version.

The Stabilizer play/pause button will works in Windows version 4.2
There will be not additional settings .

POP2 don’t like too much of bright windows light but works perfectly fine with LED light , MINI also don’t works well with too much window lights , but also don’t like cool toned LED light . Warmer LED tones are ok but on lower intensity level than POP2 .

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whens version 4.2 out.

Maybe I know more about tonight , this morning 4.2 for Mac was released .
But Windows version had most of the major bug fixed already when I tested last weekend , so probably waiting for final approval by the Boss .
Hopefully ASAP , I will let you know when I know more .

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Any news yet on 4.2?

Not this weekend, the office is closed … hopefully next week as so far everything worked as expected on Friday, so I don’t see reason why not .

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