Revopoint MINI - RGB version - first tests also with colour texture

Hello everyone,
yesterday I received the new version of the Revopoint MINI scanner with RGB.

The package contains the scanner and the new turntable.

The scanner package contains the MINI version RGB scanner, the USB cables, the tripod with the smartphone mount, the calibration table, the markers, the black plastic sheet, and the small bust.

The package with the new roundtable (with speed variator, change of direction of rotation - clockwise and counterclockwise, the plate with the markers, the power cable).

I downloaded the new version of the RevoStudio software and did some tests.

Here are the results:

I also did a high-resolution test of a sculpture detail that I scanned several times with all Revopoint scanners (POP1, POP2, MINI no RGB).

The result (below) is truly impressive it seems that with this version of the scanner (with, I guess; new firmware and software) the quality resolution is further improved (although nominally always at 0.02 mm).

All minute holes, the minimal morphological variations, the scratches, the incisions, the small fillings, of the surface are clearly distinguishable.

photo comparison image of the real sculpture (on right) with 3D model


Good one Davide , it is mystery what really changed … I can’t believe my own eyes either when I got my MINI RGB yesterday … amazing results indeed !


Could you please let us know what has changed from the beta unit compared to the RGB production one you just received? Is it able to capture sharper details, or maybe something else has improved? The results here look very good with excellent rendition of small details. Thanks

The only thing what changed was the firmware , software and RGB , but the results are really surprisingly better and unexpected , I believe the new algorithms has to do with that , since technically there was no big hardware change , however the new MINI RGB do not perform as good in older versions , and the old beta MINI works better in the older software versions compared to the new one. .MINI RGB can capture also smaller volume to 6mm , old beta MINI could never get below 7mm .
Very good Improvements also with textures resolution , since MINI produces more points , means higher pixel count, less fuzzy textures .


@PopUpTheVolume Great, thanks for the explanation. I suspect it will only continue to get better as they work on the software to better optimize it for the RGB production unit. I look forward to your future tests with the RGB version, your hand scan looked like it had good quality color textures (not as fuzzy like you mentioned). All very interesting, can’t wait to get mine also.


It getting better indeed , I was already happy with the old one , but nice surprise ! the differences between one month ago and now are huge , it is important that they keep the software and the rest constantly updated for better .

Yes much less fuzzy , also sharper texts on textures and overall better resolution , you basically can see single hair on the textures now as long it is in Excellent distance . I did not cared much about the textures early , but now I can do something with that and use it in my work to some degree .

Indeed , I was so excited yesterday about the new great quality that I spent scanning until 4am and forgot the time .
I need also to figure out about the proper new lighting for MINI RGB , LED affects the gain , so maybe some filter reducing the blue wave length would helps . The natural ambient light from the windows works perfect without issues what is the opposite to POP2 .
Also processing time for textures is slightly longer , as a lot of data is processed because of the bigger meshes . I am going to try to make more scans with the daylights tomorrow as it works so far best .
The color rendition is also very good as I was afraid the blue light will affect the textures but they found smart solution . The RGB camera completely eliminate the appearance of the blue light from the scanner but don’t affect any blue colors on the object itself .
Very interesting !
August is on the corner … you should have yours soon !


First fast test MINI RGB color texture

This test is done with a scanner still with tripod and for a few frames.

I proceed now with other tests and check if the quality changes with the handheld scanner.

Other test on the same chinese vase

and with texture mapping optimization

Other test with handheld mode

and with texture mapping optimization


Look nice! Hope you enjoy the new one and share more!


I’m also exited for this my first 3D scanner ever and my first Kickstarter ever, but I1m a bit confused the RGB part is still nowhere to be found either on kickstarter specs or on Revenpoints website also wrote an email to revenpoint about it and they sent me a generic spec of the product and no RGB there either not hte words end for me I’m more interested in details and accuracy but It would be nice to know what they will ship.

RGB- color per vertex data … the specifications said Textures -Yes means the RGB Camera is included and will be shipped in August.

Our latest Beta MINI with RGB Camera is pre production final sample, the same you will get in August.

Yes quite a noticeable difference in color texture quality compared to the POP 2. I think since the RGB for color does not affect the quality of the base mesh accuracy, it is just another bonus feature that is nice to have.

@dfodaro Great color textures on the vase, quite impressive! Do you find tracking is easier with the color texture mode for a flat surface like the vase? Maybe the color patterns make the item easier to track than if you used no texture mode?

Hi Toaster,
About the tracking I’ll tell you when I’ll make the complete vase


photo comparison image of the real sculpture (on right) with 3D model


1:1 copy , I always imagined the original one to be plastered and painted .
Super work Davide as always !

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Hi PopUpTheVolume,
The original is a stucco relief, Renaissance period.

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I was thinking it was a relief in limestone, because of the porosity and color in that picture.
this kind of composition was replicated so often in that era by many sculptors. Do we know the artist ? It reminds me of one of Desiderio da Settignano style work from that era.

The artists is Antonio Rossellino
is the model for the marble version exposed at Kunsthistorisches Museum in Wien

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wow … very beautiful ! thank you for sharing !

Is this a different scanner than the Mini with blue light? Or do you mean something different by RGB?

Hi Alain,
This version of Revopoint MINI is with RGB camera which capture colour