Miraco Single Shot Remote Trigger

I would like to present an exciting enhancement proposal for your impressive Miraco 3D Scanner, which, in my opinion, has the potential to take the scanner’s usage to a new level. The Miraco Scanner already features the Single Shot mode, allowing users to capture multiple individual shots for more complex objects and subsequently merge them into a complete scan. This is undoubtedly a great feature.

In this context, I would like to draw attention to an existing hardware solution, namely the Dual-Axis Turntable by Revopoint. I have developed a JavaScript function for controlling it via Bluetooth. Here is where my proposal comes into play: If the Miraco Scanner were to receive a remote trigger function for the Single Shot mode, we could develop an app that works on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. This app would enable users to rotate the turntable at specific angles, capture an image, and repeat the process.

The benefits of this feature would be significant. Users could create fantastic scanning routines and effortlessly capture even more complex objects. Since the Miraco Scanner is based on Android and has Bluetooth capability, it is technically feasible to implement camera control similar to the turntable. With this app, the Revopoint community could fully unleash their creativity and explore new possibilities for creating high-quality 3D scans.

I am ready and motivated to actively participate in the development of such an app (but i need a remote Trigger), and I am confident that this would not only benefit me but also many other Miraco Scanner users.


Hi @SphaeroX

Okay, thank you very much for your detailed suggestions. I have already provided this feedback to the development team.

Hi @SphaeroX

I made @Johnathan DATT android app running on Miraco triggering the single shot rotation in sequences already … not officially of course .

To have MIRACO doing it automatic you need to rewrite the MIRACO apps that running the scanner ( yes apps) … this also means update hardware firmware as well to add such function , just a simple app will not works on its own because the system do not have any control over the MIRACO sensors , this means without updating the firmware …nothing will works and it is not as simple as you may think .

Yes you can control via Bluetooth the RGB camera only as I did that already but not via the scanning apps running the hardware … as for that firmware updates are nesesery . Possible? Of course and very easy job once the full access is granted… but to get the full access ?..that is another story. :blush:

But we need that one way or another … Sooner or later

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I was thinking that you could press the shutter button via Bluetooth. So you start the scanning process and then the app turns the turntable and presses the trigger. Then you do everything again on the scanner itself.Similar to the hand stabilizers, or selfie sticks etc. You can also trigger them via Bluetooth.

As a last resort, you just have to get a gadget like this :joy:

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I can trigger it via my smart watch … but that is only the system camera that is accessible …not the scanner sensors itself … MIRACO don’t runs on a single app … like other scanners do via mobile phone app

And yes it still needs firmware update even for the stabilizer button to add that function .

I wanted a Bluetooth remote control for MIRACO so badly but I hit the wall … without actual access to the main apps and firmware , there is not much we can do.
I mean dev team can do that easy if they only want …not a rocket science…

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BTW I can use now all scanners with MIRACO System unofficially by running separate app… so much better than any phone or tablet … but I think it gonna violate the warranty if an end user attempts that on their own and runs in troubles with the device. Lots of possibilities btw …

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do you mean like you connect other revopoint scanners with some device(smartphone?tablet) running miraco software instead using allready available apps?:thinking: if so, is it better because Miraco software/appss better optimized than other revopoint apps?:no_mouth:


No Ivan , Miraco app is exclusive created only to run MIRACO and nothing else .

What I did is not official so I don’t want continue talking about it , as it indeed will violate warranty so I beta ZIP on this subject before I run in troubles …

I think MIRACO native Android tablet is just more powerful so it can handle things better .
I wish Rebopoint created own official tablet to run together with their mobile apps optimized for all scanners and gadgets .
As I said before , you can really get the optimal quality processing on MIRACO as you can do on a PC , not much phones or tablets offers that option .

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that is something one has to think about: you get 2 great scanners AND a powerful android device for a GREAT price!

I get now what you were about to say: yes, Revopoint definitelly SHOULD sell some sort of a such optimized tablet as an add-on!
and then ,when you sum up the price of like Range+Mini+that tablet Miraco i a no-brainer.

Range+POP3+Tablet not Range +MINI …Miraco do not have blue laser so it can’t reach MINI accuracy … it is 0.05mm not 0.02mm , no idea dea why everyone think that .

Because that’s how they advertise

HI @SphaeroX , are you german?

My dear friend you mistake … This is a single frame precision what is not accuracy , I explained this so many time already …

It is not advertised as MINI , people need to educate themselves .

Single frame precision is an error between 2 scans after each scanning , it has nothing to do with accuracy … it is more related to merging 2 scans together than anything else .

Mini accuracy is 0.02mm with single precision of max 0.01mm

Miraco accuracy is 0.05mm with a single precision of max 0.02mm

That also what KS page showing and it is correct .

That are huge difference for a device … precision is very important as much as accuracy … but I don’t see anywhere that MIRACO has the capabilities of MINI so I would like to end here the gossip about, as that is simply not true as that is technically not possible using infrared laser to begin with .

MINI still hold the number one scanner title that can truly capture surfaces with 0.02mm and sometimes higher at that price range and nothing else yet is better in this price range on a market … if there was anything better I would have it … :wink:

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I thought on mini more qualitywise of the scans, not because of tech - I know about the difference between precision and accuracy -you tought me/us well :slightly_smiling_face: I know IR never will be as good as blue laser, still amazing results with Miraco on small objects! As far what I see Miraco-Scans of small objecrs look better than with pop3. but I might be wrong, you are the expert and have experience with them all​:slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe very slightly better… but there is huge difference between MINI … and that is a fact … other wise it would be a MIRACOL :laughing:

You saw my live show segment …that is as far it goes, not bad at all … it is very good

Count on the specifications , you will never over count… Revopoint devices always works slightly better than their specs …I test them very well so I can speak off…

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Miracol® indeed would be a cool name for "Miraco 2 ", which would combine IR and blue laser tech :grin:

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That would be then MIRACOOL® :joy:

Is MINI still better than other products?
I thinking of 3DMakerPro SEAL mostly.

Hi Luke, yes it is 100% guaranteed better at this accuracy that any other scanner available on the market right now in that price range .

Talking about SEAL…
You can’t have 0.01mm accuracy on any portable scanner and definitely SEAL don’t have it … I watched carefully there’s live show and it did not delivered even 0.02mm …

And if that was true I would told you too …but it is not, other way I would own it .

Sadly it is another bad copycat product that do not deliver the accuracy as promised … I helped with MINI’s developing ( higher accuracy) , I know what I am talking about .

Go for MINI if you really need to scan mini objects …since it was made for scanning in most cases very small objects in general .

The Miraco Single Shot Remote Trigger could be implemented in several ways. One option would be to develop an app that works on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. This app could enable users to rotate the turntable at specific angles, capture an image, and repeat the process. Another option would be to use a Bluetooth connection to control the scanner directly. This would be a more versatile solution, as it would allow users to control the scanner from a distance or even from another room.