API for remote Trigger "capture"

Hey ,is there anything like an API or something where I can remote Trigger a single capture shot?

Like over WiFi / Bluetooth or something else, I want to build a turntable for the mini where can make a scan procedure automatically with single capture shots.

I will use the RevoScan 5 software on PC, but I need to trigger the shot after Rotation the table.

I think over Bluetooth could be an solution like the Handheld stabilizer (BLE Keyboard Press)

Handheld stabilizer have direct connection to the firmware , where it becomes as one device .

You will need a direct scanner firmware access for that function to work plus permission to access Revo Scan via Bluetooth ( editing RS software ), and that is something I don’t think Revopoint want to share publicly.

After all it is not an open source product so there are limitations.

The software functions can’t be altered without updating the firmware they are both connected , as simple as it is , you can’t edit Revo Scan to reflect the new function , neither upgrade the scanner firmware .

The only option you have is a smart switch

Simply code a program to press the spacs button after the table has turned.

Im not an Advanced coder.
But seems easy enough to do.
Have the table controlled by something like an arduino.

It is not the code for turntable it is the play button in Revo Scan that need to be controlled .

yea the play/pause button is linked to the space key on the keyboard correct?

That is how i scanned my bust before with the Range one. I used a bluetooth keyboard and pressed the space key as i sat on the large turntable.
I started and stopped the scanning without touching the scanner or the pc

The idea was to create automatic scanning turntable , but it is of course an option as well if it can be triggered by turntable system while the software is open .

I programmed my wireless key pad as well

I’m interested in this feature to.
It would be nice if we can get a special (maybe configurable) Hot-Key like “Ctrl-Alt F12” or something, which should be independent from where the focus is.
This would allow to have a Arduino or other µC to act as a HID Keyboard and send the Keystrokes.

Currently im working on a linear actuator moving the Scanner up and down and tilting it using a servo motor.
This should be programmable with some G-Code like commands.
The Object to scan is placed on a turntable.

The Revopoint scanners are great, and Revo Scan 5 is awesome.
But due to the narrow field of view it is sometimes hard to scan from the hand if you need to tilt the scanner.