Revo scan 5.3 and dual axis turntable control like ver 4

Could you all possibly put back the options popup for the dual axis turntable (like the Revo Scan 4 software) to have the options of doing 5 different passes with a different selectable degrees. I need the ability to do one pass, stop, move to the next angle, do one rotation etc… Seems this is missing with Revo scan 5 or am I missing something? Kind of a bummer to have to use the scan 4 software to do the automated passes and then have to export it to be worked on. I wish Revo Scan 5 had the exact turntable options as Revo scan 4.

Hi @djsteffon

Sadly this is not the proper way to scan your objects when using this options that was available in v4 .
It delivered too many overlapped frames for no reason .

Once the coding is improved , it will be probably added back to latest version in the future .

What I do to get it works is using Android app to have fully control over the turntable like no other … works great even with Photogrammetry and also will be very usable with the up timing “MIRACO” 3D scanner. You can program it anyways you want with that app .

You can download it here

Tried the phone app (not official) and would not work on my phone. Could not connect. Some error about low power bluetooth.

@Johnathan can you check on this issue with the DATT app connection ?

The revo android app works but the datt app just gives me “not connected to a bluetooth low energy device” error.

This means your location is not ON , as that is required to run it for some reason .And nothing to do with tracking location , but it will not connect without .It need location to find nearby Bluetooth devices .

Location was on. turned it off and the ttable did not appear in list. turned back on and datt sees it but when i select it, it still does not connect.

xiaomi note 7

Please go to the DATT thread and ask Johnathan about the connection issues since it is not official app … maybe someone else can help you out more … as my knowledge ending here regarding it .