Miraco and Dual-Axis turntable

Just got my Miraco and am a little disappointed in the included turntable, so I’m considering the Dual-Axis one. I see it talks about being able to control it with a remote, bluetooth, or using an app. Does the Miraco have the ability to pair with it and control the turntable directly? I didn’t see any icons or buttons that indicated it could.

There is nothing that you can’t do with the included MIRACO’s turntable that you can do with Dual Axis …

MIRACO don’t parring to any accessories , it is stand alone scanner .

You have a great tool in your hand , scan you objects from top to bottom on your MIRACO’s turntable … first let it run , then start capturing … a magical turntable button starting your process will not make things any better . You have everything what you really need in your box .

P.S unless the future new and Dual Axis upgraded programming change , there is not significant profit . I am talking about single shot function etc… so hopefully it change .

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