The Dual Axis Turn Table, does Revopoint App step scan step scan

Just trying to get the most precision, and the Miraco has higher precision with single frame mode.

If the dual scanner will step, take a scan, take another step, scan etc. that would be awesome.

I have not been able to find any information to confirm either way.

Hi! that function is yet to be implemented im Revoscan. Until then you can do it like me, use this great unofficial app.

still, after each sequential turn (I mostly set it to 15° per turn command) you have to manually trigger single shot scan. Not a big deal IMO.



I have today -by sheer coincidence- posted this:

Would this work for you?


It would be awesome if your scanned object is perfect ready to scan , it will not works with all objects , that why single frame function is so powerful , as it can scan what objects on turntable can’t be .

Simple software is not enough , it will just do the same thing as continues mode do … just in slow motion with less frames , the power of a single frame is to manually put an object at an angles that is basically not possible using turntable … think here about a coin or better a butterfly :wink:

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