Miraco Single Shot Remote Trigger

Hi @alexcray

Thank you very much for your suggestion, we will share this with the dev team and they will evaluate the possibility of implementing this program. :raised_hands:

@Revopoint-Jane do you know anything new about that? I would built a Turntable for the revopoint mini to capture products automatically.

It will be good to have a remote trigger for the Miraco to start and pause the scanning. Very useful for selfie scanning.


Well I read that wrong, precision and accuracy.

I wanted better than 0.05, I can print finer than that on an FDM…

It is better than 0.05 mm probably around 0.04-0.03 mm , Revopoint always downgrade the specs .

So your FDM can print details the size of a white blood cells ? 0.04mm is not visible to human eyes

Remember 0.05 is less than human hair .