MIRACO is Shipping

I just recieved a “Your Reward is in transit” email and DHL Tracking Number !!
Thank You Revopoint !!
It would be fantastic if it arrives before Christmas, I already have plenty of work for this scanner :slight_smile:

Mike Annear

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I’m looking forward to getting mine, too, but I had to request they not send it until the 23rd because I’ll be out of town for Christmas and don’t want it sitting on the porch for 2-5 days.

Hi Mike , you should get it , since the DHL express is 3 to max 4 days so enough of time … also if you not home DHL will not leave the package by your doors unless you signed release of the package .

DHL do not leave packages by the doors unless you signed authorization.
They are very restricted comparing to other carriers.

Hi Catharina,
I live on a small Island, so DHL will hand it over to our local delivery who comes by boat :slight_smile:

That’s great Mike … your delivery is secured for sure !
Here in big city packages fight for everyday survival…

The other day I got Amazon delivery , and before I got the chance to walk downstairs another carrier stolen it while delivering another package to me … it is a jungle :joy:

DHL once just handed it to me because I was near the door. It was easy to read the label if I was going to fake a signature.

You’re right, you never know …

Oh, I always know when I’m right; it feels so much different than the other way.

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In our region , DHL do not release packages if not authorized . Neither it leaving it by the front door or give to a neighbor . What I can’t say about Fedex or UPS , they always do whatever they please regardless , even throwing my packages to a neighbor garden over the fence , many of them electronics was damaged in the past or stolen …

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The only danger here is the wild Cockatoos that love to eat anything that is left outside :slight_smile: Shoes, Packages etc .
Oh, they love to come inside when it is hot too :slight_smile:

How beautiful :heart_eyes:
I always wished to have one …
I had Congo Gray Parrot before , long time ago.

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Got an email that my scanner is on the way. Can’t wait to unbox it. Email is from 15-Dec and DHL says it will arrive on 26-Dec.

I also ordered scanner spray cans, but they haven’t shipped yet. Not sure what’s the holdup as they show available on the website for USA warehouse.

For exact answer to that question I suggest to write at customer@revopoint3d.com

Lots of orders to be fulfilled, that’s probably the reason for the delay.

Mine arrived an hour ago (UK) \o/

Any idea where Revo Scan 5.4.x is…?

@Pyrotechnic not released yet , in final testing phase.

Will do. Thank you @PUTV for the quick response

@PUTV Thanks, will keep an eye out for it.

Ah I remember one thing , some country do not allow to ship 3D spray via AIR, so it have to get ground … that maybe why it not arrived together with your Miraco .

Check the Download Section in the forum ( Starting point/ Download ) you can subscribe to this section so you never miss new releases .
There was not much bugs at all , so probably release this week… hopefully