Next time, change FedEx please!


I am one of the 10 lucky beta tester, you sent me the POP last week, in 2 days he come in france, was blocked 1 day at the customs and finally FedEx planned to deliver them today,
But as usual, and with every chinise products I test or review, the delivery guy say than i’m not home and go back … even if you wait all day at home, and let your phone numer on the bell in case of with a FedEx logo …

So the next planned day is tuesday 6 …
I really hate this shipping compagny, and they make this every time … and after that they take you 25€for the “custom fee"for pay the customs for you to " go faster” as they say …

Sorry if I can’t give feedback of this cool scanner this weekend … say thanks to FedEx …
I made more than 4 complain but they never did nothing to work better.

Too imatient to test :slight_smile:


Your problem is with YOUR Fedex, not mine. My Fedex is great

It would be more interesting to have a bit of compassion with Zoltan3D and to tell us which is your country, that Revopoint knows that Fedex is bad with customs in France and good in yours…

So a selfish guy who ALWAYS apparently has the following problem with products from China:

“But as usual, and with every chinise products I test or review, the delivery guy say than i’m not home and go back … even if you wait all day at home,”

Eats up an extremely scarce Beta unit that somebody else could have immediately received and immediately evaluated and immediately provided feedback to Revopoint, and there’s a call for compassion?

Maybe because I don’t have problem with chinese product, but with FedEx.
I don’t choose the shipping service.
And I’m selfish?
Do you at least why they choose me?
Maybe because I own other 3d scanners to compare, I’m industrial mechanic technician and designer and can help company optimize they products. and incidentally I also have a 3D printing company
You know, I paid this beta version, I will maybe have more problems with the beta unit than waiting for a final version. But I will help other people to not have these bugs.
Sure I’m selfish…

And maybe after my long discussion with the local fedex shi… I will be delivered today. And I’m really selfish because fedex will refund the shipping fee to Revopoint after my complaint


Dont send to france is what i heard how is the system

Wow, good to know that FedEx has turned into dead weight worldwide instead of just US. FedEx has gotten to the point I won’t purchase from anyone that has them as their only choice for delivery.

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I have just to see the Google maps profile of my local FedEx … 680 reviews for a score of 1.2 on 5… And 99% of time for the same problem… These shipping companies are afraid of nothing because they know you don’t have choice…
And the most frustrating thing is you can’t go to FedEx to directly take your package… No you have to wait at home like a no working person to wait for a guy who never come

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So do a lot of people that you bumped from the queue. That’s my point.

The beta evaluation is priceless - do you really think any of us, including Revopoint, care about Fedex providing a shipping refund?

That machine actually being delivered to someone else in the beta machine queue could have gotten us a better manual or software feature. Instead, all we got out of it was, “don’t ship to France if you expect something to get done quickly”

They would have finished their evaluation and feedback now, whereas you are getting a beta prototype about the timeframe everyone is getting a machine.

Can’t change history, and clearly you have no shame, because it’s all about you, not all about us which was the point of getting a beta.

It’s done; can’t change history. Congratulations - you got a machine about the same time everybody else is.

I’ve made my point. But you don’t get it.

I tend to agree with him.

FedEx, especially Ground here in the US, is just short of terrible.

I can’t tell you the amount of packages delayed, lost, refused delivery when there’s no reason. I live in a suburb, but with a long driveway. A garbage can, on garbage day, when we had significant winds was blocking the corner of my driveway. They flagged it as no access. It’s 300’ (about 100m), you could walk it, or drive around it. It’s wide enough.

My company has tons of issues. For a while we refused to send items via Express or Ground. We’re a fortune 20, and I can’t imagine what we spend on shipping daily (it’s a large telecom, one of the big two in the USA), FedEx needed to present a turnaround plan to us before we resumed.

My wife’s company (specialized Pharmacy, she’s a Doc) sent hundreds of thousands of dollars of prescriptions last year, all temp and time controlled, via Next or Second day. Most got lost in a FedEx warehouse. They now use UPS.

Give the guy some empathy. If I have packages coming from Europe I request DHL or UPS. I import and restore Euro and Asian antique cars for hobby, and a side hustle, lots of parts from the EU (Citroëns and Renaults are pretty common for me, with no US parts.) DHL is absolutely the best. FedEx is terrible to and from the continent.

You might ask if they will allow you to sign so that they can leave the packages on your door step.

Are you serious ? Explain to me why I should actually be ashamed?
You are the bitter person because we did not choose you as a beta tester …

WHAT can I do about the delay in sending? At no time did I have a choice of the delivery company.
Only FedEx does shit in my area, DHL, UPS, DPD, TNT, GLS do a perfect job, I never had a problem with them.

You know, feedback is from start to finish, from delivery, to operation, to potential packaging issues etc …

And again what should I be ashamed of?
You know I will also have to translate the manual into French, and it’s work too, all that takes time …

And finally, the only thing I did was postpone the Fedex shipping problems in France, nothing more, it’s not my fault if they do shit, it’s not not my fault either that you sulk because we did not choose you to test the scanner! Maybe just stop whining, and take it constructively …

And the beta does not stop as soon as you receive the machine and quickly makes a few scans eh … it also relates to durability, resistance, software improvement …
But all you see there is that you sulk because you didn’t get it before the others …
IF I would not have come to share my bad experience with FedEx you would in fact not be! and you wouldn’t be shooting someone who is just doing their postponement job …

Instead, all we got out of it was, “don’t ship to France if you expect something to get done quickly”"
I never said that ! If you can read, I doubt, I said never use Fedex for a france shipping … you known Fedex are not the only shipping compagny !? Scoop for you ? Maybe the cheapest … but I understand why …

In france it’s forbidden, and in any case, today they do the same shit … not recived them even if on the tracking they are supposed to deliver them today too …
And Fedex don’t have local number, just a nationnal call center that I contacted and never want to let any packages on the door step, and they don’t follow my instruction to let the package to my neighbour because for me, they never come here at all yesterday and today…

Just explain to me why this whiner should actually empathize with me?
I made no mistakes, I reported on FedEx concerns here … at home too DHL and TNT are doing a great job … but I was not given the choice to choose, that’s part feedback on problems and telling them to avoid FedEx in France in the future, and in many other countries for that matter.

The guy is just a rajeux who is not happy not to have been beta tester for no reason, basically I just summed up at Revopoint that I work in 3D and that I have other machines to compare and that I’m in France, I didn’t force anyone to send it to me, because it gives you extra work if you want to do your beta tester work seriously.
He just sees that he didn’t get it before the others and he sulks …

Whenever I have a choice, too, I run away from FedEx like the plague …
Especially since I have my childhood friend who is general manager of DPD and TNT in the south of France and I know that I will have everything on time … and often even on the days when they do not deliver not even .

Agree with you on all of it.

Simply put he’s confrontational and aggressive for no reason. Typical keyboard warrior…

Hope FedEx gets you the scanner soon enough. I’m eager to prototype some broken, old, unobtainable pieces and parts for cars, vintage coin-op/jukeboxes, and other stuff.

Make it in plastic, send it off to be machined/cast from metal.

This is horrible! Is there any way you can call them and go to pick it up from their warehouse? I know here is the USA we can have items delivered to an alternate location or pick them up.

As for the horror stories about fed-ex, they are AWESOME where I live and UPS is horrible. Live back a 1/4 mile private road and UPS will stick packages in our mailbox or lay them at the end of the road on someone elses’ recycle bin! Fed-Ex came up our road 1 day after the last major snowstorm, USPS was the second day after and UPS could not be bothered even after a week!

It all comes down to the driver, I guess

No probs with Fedex.

My UPS driver did a shoulder-carry of a 15kg box down my 160m driveway a couple of days ago because I had the driveway blocked near the entrance. It was a nice sunny day vs the usual monsoon drizzle which may have been a factor…as well as his not being a French a-hole :joy:

I know, for me it’s the driver too lazy… But after 8 complaint to FedEx with mail…I hope one day they will replace this

Finally got them this morning

Awesome! Looking forward to hearing how it works!

Zoltan3D, I wish to be respectful when I say this, but if you get it before everyone else, it’s a win for you. I’m expecting mine Friday through FedEx. I am hoping I have the same great experience I always have. The last time I 3 day shipped through FedEx from Japan, I LITERALLY got it the next day. I was shocked but it happens. I will share with the group if mine arrives on time, but more importantly, lets not focus on the shipping, instead, we look forward to hearing your feedback about this product, especially given your experience. Thank you for volunteering for the role of beta testing it to be able to provide more direct informed feedback.