FedEx Stanstead Airport Backlog

Just wanted to ask the forum if there was anyone else in the UK waiting for their POP 2 to be delivered by FedEx. My tracking shows it stuck at Stanstead since 25th March. I have paid the VAT and fee as requested by FedEx. FedEx say that they have a very large backlog and can not say when delivery will take place (someone on Kickstarter said 200 POP 2’s were stuck and another said 90,000 total packages in the backlog !). I am very keen to get scanning. Does anyone know what’s really happening ?

As far as I’m aware… There was an IT issue which caused a massive backlog - new parcels are bypassing this backlog - who knows… If there are 90000 parcels and they sort 1000 per day, we’re looking at 3 months delay.

Fedex don’t care… They really don’t give a monkeys. If they did, they could provide a rough eta based on how many parcels they can do per day.

The problem is, as they are still accepting parcels, then this backlog needs to be added onto the existing daily work - so it might take some time

Id have thought that if a “lost” claim is put in, they’d soon find them…

At the very least we should be reimbursed the courier cost. Revopoint can claim it back as fedex have breached their contract

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We paid for ours early January and after lots of useless emails finally received a tracking number 10 days ago. But the tracking number can not be tracked!!! it is not on the system !!! Paid for in UK, but one month and 5 days after being told that my scanner was hoped to be shipped “next week” yet still nothing at all. I agree that the postage we paid should be refunded. What is even worse is that the price we paid in January, for shipment in February, has now been reduced, so maybe we should contact our card companies to get them to arrange a chargeback.

Be aware that FedEx have not been collecting the parcels due to Covid lockdowns in that part of China.

The Fedex issue is UK only - it’s a backlog at Stanstead…

@Vassago Thanks, I was replying to origpad who’s scanner doesn’t seem to have left China yet.

I received this email this morning, looks like its more than a backlog:

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I had the same reply. Looks like they have lost an entire pallet then, not just a few individual parcels. Underwhelmed…

Ahh… No… This is just the standard letter - all the Pops are in a container, so they’re not “Lost”, just not scanned daily as is usual.

Theyll say they can’t find them and for you yo contact the sender.

Question…woukd you ever use Fedex after this? Lol

@Vassago , @albutch , @wunwinglow , @Termalsocks I would really appreciate if anyone else who is waiting in the UK could kindly share the date when you paid for the scanner

UPDATE: I now have received a reply from REVOPOINT customer service which reads as follows:

"Hope this email finds you safe.
We feel terrible to bring so many hassles.
Things got worse here in Shanghai, the lockdown will probably end on April 15th which means our packages will be released after April 16th at least according to the latest news.

We are facing a lot of difficulties with the delivery currently, no matter the ones in China or the ones that arrived in Stansted, UK, but we are doing our best to contact the related official parties to get things sorted every day, however, they might reply a bit slowly under the strictly escalated level of Anti-Covid policy in China and the mass backlogs of the UK FedEx.

We totally understand that everyone might suffer a hard time currently due to the unstable international environment and we feel sorry for that. …

Even though we are not allowed to ship the packages right now, all packages were packed and the shipping labels were printed already, … , now we are waiting for FedEx to pick them up when they are allowed to.

Please rest assured one point that all Revopoint POP 2 customers will receive their orders in the quickest and safest way we can find out at the moment.

Please give us a few more days🥺🙏

I look forward to your reply.

Best regards,
Revopoint 3D Team

My scanner was stuck in the Stansted issue for 2 weeks. Technically it’s was still in Belgium. Wednesday last week I finally had a update from FedEx, it was now in Derby. The scanner then arrived next day on Thursday.

It was annoying but please be patient with revopoint it’s not their fault it’s FedEx and strikes in Belgium.

Mine finally arrived today. Thanks. at last! Bristol, UK…

Damn, I hadn’t thought about VAT. Should’ve ordered from Amazon in France.
Is that the usual 20% VAT ?
How much was the FedEx handling fee ?