Pop 2 not sent yet

Hello all ,

I’m not sure if I’ve done this right, or if it’s in the right category, but I just had a question regarding my Pop 2 scanner.

I received my tracking number over a week ago, and as far as I can tell it still hasn’t been picked up by FedEx yet, I’ve sent numerous emails regarding this, but I’ve not received any replies so far.

I’m just trying to find out if it’s a system error, or an error on FedEx’s part.

Any information would be greatly appreciated, because I am very excited to receive mine.

I thank you in advance for any help you could offer.

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I Just recieved an email today explaining the problem.
"You may have received the shipping notification from us already but haven’t seen any updates on the tracking number.

We were about to ship your reward earlier this week, however, the outbreak situation of Covid-19 got worse in Shanghai, 500 packages were holding back and waiting for FedEx to pick up again when it is allowed to.

According to the latest news from the customs officials, they will start handling the oversea packages from April 2nd which means you will receive the package at least by April 4th to April 6th.

We sincerely apologize for the delay in the delivery and appreciate your understanding and patience with us."

Okay, thank you to very much for the update.

Hope all is well over there.

Kind regards,


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Ordered March 23 2022, still nothing moving via Fedex. I get that there’s COVID lockdowns in Shanghai, but I see Pop 2 units for sale on Amazon now for Prime delivery by next week! Something is not right. I’ve requested to cancel and refund my order.

@lowracer Amazon batch was already there before you ordered when they sent the first batch on March 16th . Then the Covid lockdown then again China had Holidays for 1 week from April 29 to May 5th so no carriers working at all , I am also waiting for some package from China and is not yet picked up by the carrier as they are the main delaying problem at the moment due to the total lockdowns . I know Revopoint is switching the shipping locations to avoid the total lockdown areas but they probably run out of options as nobody is picking up the packages . Total mess