Your package is entire!

I’m sorry that some of our users received the email that said their package has POP only. Your package is entire—this mistake was caused by our ERP system error.

Some buyers‘ orders have Powerbank. The Powerbank will be delivered separately.

Don’t worry, your order will be delivered completed.

I’m missing all of the extra target stickers that are noted for my pledge. Can’t do much without them.

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I still don’t got the extras i order and the batt pack.
Why I all ready have the scanner from 21 may.
In the tracking app it says is shipped on the 19 of April

When can I expect it?


What is your backer number or your tracking number?

Tracking number : 786130502100
Backingnr.: 4602

Your battery package send separate and we will give you a new tracking number. Did you received your POP 3D scanner?

Yes de scanner I got.

Not the extras

Dear Revopoint team,
I received the Pop without the turntable then I email the support team which they verify was missed out and sent me a Fedex tracking number on 26/May and until now I still not yet received the turntable. Checking with Fedex said supplier create a ticket number but did not ask Fedex to pick up the package from their site. Today is 16/Jun
Hopefully you can resolve this issue for me.Thank you.

When will this be send??? Stil no tracking number received

When can will I get the tracking number and will te package be shipped???

Hi @Marcvp

We’re sending the accessories one by one since the last week and this week. Considering that it needs time for the shipping agency to deal with the customs clearance firstly, I think you can receive the tracking number in this week or next week.

I will push our logistic team again. Thank you so much for the cooperation.

Best Regards
Revopoint Team